3 Reasons not to rely on Google My Business alone.

Google My Business Mistakes, your business can make

Google My Business, also mentioned as GMB, is an excellent platform made available by Google for Business Owners. In fact, it is more or less designed to help local businesses promote their business. With its one-click route map, Phone calls etc, it is a very useful one, especially for the prospects. Not only that, but we have also seen almost all our clients have something or other cooked up in GMB and Only that!

They seem to be very content and happy having put the business’ basic information into Google My Business. We asked a question on this.

“Why are they feeling content?”.

Our discovery was a no-brainer. GMB gives a plethora of KPIs and the client is happy with seeing those figures. But, let’s ask this question.

“Is a sole dependence in GMB good and wise enough?”

To help you analyze the risks involved in such an approach, I have mentioned 3 points to mull over.

Reason 1 : Google My Business & Loss of potential audience

So far Google seems to be the prime choice for the general public when it comes to searching. But, what happens as and when the crowd shifts interest and when your prospects don’t use Google much. Wondering if such a time will come?

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”

Yes. This is a piece of typical advice given while doing financial investments. But, this is very much applicable on what we are discussing here too.

Let us looks at a few cases.

Bing & Yahoo Users :

The users for Bing are growing and along with Yahoo they do hold, though little, good numbers of searchers. Among them, there are quite a few are non-Googlers or only-Bing & only-Yahoo users.

Duck Duck Go :

For a privacy-concerned crowd, Duck Duck Go would be their choice for a search engine. Though not quite a replacement for Google, this crowd can be viewed as an anti-Google group.

Facebook :

When Facebook was launched many entrepreneurs laughed at it. They were heard saying “Is this even a business model? What value does a bunch of chit-chats hold?”. Turns out to be – Everything. At least for marketing it holds value. And interestingly enough, people have started doing searches in Facebook, kinda replacing Google!

Hence, by relying only upon Google’s GMB for Business view-ability poses a disadvantage. Yes, You are losing out on the non-Google crowd.

Reason 2 : Content Duplication

The assets of your business need to stay under your control. This includes marketing assets too. As business owners, many don’t realise that, each and every form of content that you put out there is your asset. Yes, this includes your original photos, and not a bunch of clip arts which you got from a 35$ life time access or something. The value of such content is amazingly precious. So the question that we need to ask is

“Why do you put it completely in the Google platform?”

Augmenting and sharing is good, but not putting it out there and only in GMB.

At this, you may say, “but, I have a Website which has these same content. Hence what you said – solely put in Google / GMB – is not truth”.

Well, there lies the problem. This could qualify something called content duplication. This is a serious mistake in the eyes of Google. Yes, there are ways to work around, but would require an expert SEO team, especially, if there are lots of content.

Reason 3 : Customer Feedback in Google My Business

The reviews and ratings from customers that get filled in the GMB stay in the GMB. And LOST in GMB.

Why is this bad?

Let me begin by saying this. The reviews and ratings are usually seen as good for Ranking, right? If supported by a digital marketing team, this would be their advice too that you would have received.

But, take a minute and think.

Doesn’t it carry more value than from an SEO perspective? Why do I say so?

Just look at what you have. The reviews and ratings for your product or service. These reviews are the most treasured Feedback points for your product/service. This is the one thing that helps you to stay relevant in the future.

As a business owner, how you respond and pick up the cues from among the reviews is of extreme importance. The response that you give in GMB based on the customer reviews, today, is the stepping stone for a successful future.

If so, why in the world would you want to lock it down to one platform? Move it to your own Website!

Talk to your web development agency today itself to capture the review & ratings in your website too.

In conclusion, I’m not suggesting that you quit GMB. Nor is the suggestion that GMB is bad. Such a piece of advice would be the award winner for the 2019’s worst advises!

Instead, use GMB as One of the many options that you can exploit.

Write and let us know if this article was useful. Also, feel free to get in touch with us if you have any further questions. In case of any requirements in Digital Marketing or Local SEO, we are more than happy to help.

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