Oxite … Opensource CMS in Microsoft way!

Last week there came a surprise from Microsoft, an Opensource CMS. While there are plenty of Opensource CMS applications  available, we may not need another one in the line. However, I really appreciate this step from Microsoft. Microsoft named as Oxite, and ASP.NET Model-view-Controller based CMS. This bold open source attempt from Microsoft, contains a blog engine kick-started basically to help with certain complex functionalities involved like RSS, trackbacks and other social networking wonders including comments, allowing Open search format as well.

Being an open source sample code, Oxite also takes aim at affording a real-life ASP.NET MVC. It also supports multi-blogs within a website and allows you to create as many sub pages as possible, under one special page. If you are writing about your family in your personal blog in one special page, and want to add sub pages into it about each member of your family, then Lo and Behold! This is possible as simple as it can be! What’s more?! And in case you are not very happy with the in-built features and want to change few, then you have the codes with you, don’t you?

I would consider it as a standard web blogging application that works the Microsoft way. With excellent data patterns and adequate extensible Oxite also has good SoC (Separation of Concerns), With its initial release in the first week of December, Oxite can be run in any version of Windows XP, Server 2003, Vista or Server 2008.

Though an alpha release, which you can download now, this is definitely something worth checking out.  It does have few glitches in it, but after all it is in its alpha version. Our team is checking the code if it is really opensource or something DLLed. 🙂

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