You still can do SEO with your Flash website

Flash does wonders to sites, making them more visually appealing and interesting. But have you thought how appealing it is for the search engines? The fact that not many of us know is that sites that are completely made using Flash, would be treated as a single page by search engines, thereby reducing the crawling time.

One of the best things to do is to create a visually pleasing and attractive website, using normal HTML pages, with Flash put in the intro section or banner of the website. I have observed that this proves to be much more effective in terms of SEO, than having a complete website with only Flash content. This calls for double benefiting … One, allowing the search engines to crawl through your website, with the general optimization content, and Two, showcasing your prowess in Flash, making the site more interactive and attractive for your site visitors. Now isn’t that something that you would love your site to own?! 🙂

Something that I have also learned and observed is that using Macromedia products in Flash proves to be SEO friendly to a certain extent. The Macromedia Flash SDK is simply amazing you know, as it analyzes the Flash content and helps in indexing of the content into the database of search engines, by handling the content as normal HTML pages. Note that this also makes it important to optimize the flash content with respect to the search engines as well. Along with this, link building, when done effectively, can make the flash content SEO ready.

Few strategies that I strongly recommend to optimize Flash sites would be using appropriate titles, Meta Tags, keywords and phrases and content inside the Flash piece, along with installing a sitemap and splitting of the flash content to various pages from a single page. Read our article  Search Engine Optimization for websites using Flash  wherein we have included a detailed article about how sites with Flash can be optimized and made search engine friendly.

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