All about Keyword cloud

What is Keyword cloud?

Keyword cloud represents most used keywords in a site visually, by showing it in different font sizes and it is known to be a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) term. It differs from larger to smaller in font sizes. A keyword that has been used more around the site and blog, which we call as keyword density, are shown in larger fonts. According to the keyword density, the font size varies from larger to smaller. On looking at the keyword cloud size variation, users can see the importance of the keywords that relates to website or a blog.

Benefits of keyword cloud

Keyword cloud is benefited to find relevant and useful web pages for the user who looks for certain information.

By using the keyword cloud, popular words (density rich words) are shown and it is as well clickable for users. When users find a keyword listed in keyword cloud useful, then he will be going for a click on the particular keyword and he will be taken to the category search results page were all pages or blog posts will be listed related to the tagged keyword.

Make sure the keywords in the cloud section are not overlapped and ugly. Have it in a place where users could find it easily. The better option is to have it in the sidebar of a site or blog.

Keyword cloud generators

Here is a site that helps to generate a keyword cloud by mentioning your web link.

Page Keyword cloud Generator

WordPress Keyword Cloud generator plugin

The below WordPress plugin helps you to install keyword cloud to your blog or site

How will Keyword cloud look like?

Keyword Cloud


If you find any other interesting information about Keyword cloud, you may share through comments.

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