Frameworks we like: 4. Codeigniter, and Why?

Codeigniter is an opensource web application framework for building dynamic websites with programming language PHP. Its main aim is to facilitate the developers to develop projects much faster than writing code from scratch. If you are a developer who wants to meet the clients’ deadline and tired of tediously large and painstakingly undocumented frameworks, Codeigniter is the way to go. When compared to other PHP frameworks, Codeigniter is often distinguished for its speed.


Now, this is the right time to know about the power of Codeigniter. So ignite yourself and initiate reading to know why you want to choose Codeigniter. It will suit if:

  • You require a framework that can be set up very quickly and efficiently.
  • You need an outstanding performance.
  • You are a developer who needs methodical and clear documentation.
  • You need a framework that does not call for sticking on to restrictive coding rules.
  • You want a framework that needs nearly zero configuration.
  • You need a framework which is compatible with many environments

Some of our developers always prefer to use  CodeIgniter, write to me if you want to see some samples and know why they used CodeIgniter. If you want to start using CodeIgniter start right here at (Need some help? check with us here)

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