Upgrade to WordPress 3.0 – Few simple steps to do it yourself.

Last weekend, we have upgraded this Blog system to WordPress 3. It went well without any troubles, as expected. Our team shares few simple steps to do it yourself.

1. Download WordPress 3.0 from the URL wordpress.org/download. And before you install make sure you have access to the FTP client and MySQL database

2. Create a subfolder in your domain root folder and upload unzipped WordPress 3.0 files to the subfolder. Create a database for new WordPress version on your web server. Rename the wp-config-sample.php file to wp-config.php. Open wp-config.php in a text editor and fill in your database details and upload to the desired folder. Run the WordPress installation script by accessing yourdomain.com/subfolder/wp-admin/install.php.

3. Now you should have done with the installation. Next step is to copy your theme files and paste it on the wp-content folder where you could see the default theme.

4. From now on you need to be very careful, copy you DB tables scripts from your existing blog database and paste it into a notepad. Here you see the links with the original URL yourdomain.com and you need to replace with demo URL yourdomain.com/subfolder/ since you are installing a demo test version in a subfolder. Now you can copy the DB table’s script and execute in your new database that has been created for a demo version.

5. Now you are 50% done with WordPress 3.0. All the remaining is plugins and you need to note that all plugins are not compactable for new WordPress 3.0 so do not place all plugin in the wp-content plugin folder if  it happens then there would be a problem in accessing wp-admin. Through your FTP client, you need to create a folder can be named “backup” and place all your existing plugins in the “backup” folder. Then move on your desired plugin one by one to check compatibility by logging into wp-admin. There would be less or more plugins you would have located that are not compatible.

6.  Now you are done with your WordPress 3.0 in your demo version. You should be able to access your demo blog with all the post and as well you would be able to access blog wp-admin.

7. At this instant, you can move your live blog files to a different folder or can move to your local machine just for a support. Through FTP client go to your subfolder where you have WordPress 3.0 file and upload all the files in your root folder where you had the files of your previous WordPress version. Now download your wp-config.php and open in a text editor and fill in your live database details.

8. Now you need to access your mysql demo database and copy the table’s scripts to a notepad and change the URL from yourdomain.com/subfolder/ to yourdomain.com/ and execute it to your live database.

That’s it, now you can enjoy using WordPress 3.0 for your live blog.

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