21 reasons why you need to hire a professional WordPress developer

21 reasons why you need a professional WordPress developer (when you are still capable of creating a WordPress website)

WordPress is a simple, no-nonsense CMS – But not all the time and for all the type of things you want to do with your website.

Why you need a professional WordPress Developer

The power of WordPress does not just stop with your blog and simple CMS based business brochure website. WordPress can be used to build complex web applications if you know PHP, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, MySQL DB, SQL etc. We used WordPress to build few complex community portals including a news delivery system that required multi-level users and few other advanced interactive database driven features. For a normal do-it-yourself WordPress beginner, it would be something beyond their technical skills and expertise.

Since WordPress is easy to use, people think that they do not require a developer by profession and they can do everything in-house themselves.  But there are valid reasons why this is wrong. I have listed out 21 of them – may be some more could be added or may be some of them may not be applicable to all – But there are still different occasions when you require a WordPress expert to keep you away from advanced or time-consuming website development.

  1. You would like professionals to take care of your WordPress site since it is not your prime job and you have better things to focus.
  2. To find a hassle free hosting based on your business needs and budget – You want serious WordPress hosting, as your site is a Business gateway to you.
  3. To make your Web site secure by hardening WordPress – http://codex.wordpress.org/Hardening_WordPress  – to ensure your site is secured.
  4. To work on emergency fixes, as bad things still happen, no matter how secure your WordPress site is.
  5. To take care of site speed (loading issues), since Google loves fast loading websites. (Check Google’s page speed insights), enable cache, Optimize render blocking JavaScripts etc.
  6. To Write Custom CSS, CSS Sprites, Minifying CSS, Custom jQuery and draw custom Graphics.
  7. The developer can create custom plugins for specific needs for your business.
  8. He can work on SEO setup – META tags, Alt tags, friendly URLs etc if you do not have a dedicated SEO manager.
  9. Take away the worry on clean coded HTML5, Light-weight CSS from you.
  10. WordPress updates Plugins updates, Files and DB backups (if your hosting requires you to do).
  11. Setup CDN (which Google loves) – Content Deliver Network.
  12. To identify the third party plugin which causes issues with your websites and applies necessary fixes.
  13. To monitor your web server usage, Google Analytics and reports you on a regular basis.
  14. You need not care about developing websites using WordPress standards.
  15. To keep accessibility considerations and web standards in mind.
  16. Create not-just-a-CMS sites Or complex WordPress applications that use RESTful Web Services technologies (JSON, SOAP, and HTTP).
  17. Do third party API integrations (such as Booking APIs, Payment Gateways etc).
  18. Work when you require changing new themes, new design, Graphic changes or to add graphics, Videos etc.
  19. Liaise with your hosting when required for any support.
  20. Care for any scalability issues and support when you need to expand.
  21. Last but not the least, to do an excessive customization of a purchased theme in order to make it unique.

Like any other technology, WordPress requires continuous knowledge updates with constant learning, which only professional developers do. We at Macronimous involve in providing WordPress-based web solutions, learn every day. If you need our help, we welcome you to check more about services.

Image credits: Under Creative commons License. @zergev