10 Top Google tools to get results in Google

Looking for tools around?  🙄 Do you know that Google offers various handy tools that would help you to maximize your site visibility and drive more leads to your site?

Here  are some top Google tools to increase your sales conversion and ROI

1. Google Search suggest

When you type your business services or products words, Google suggests estimating what you type forth and the words listed are the most searched terms. By this, you can find the user’s search terms and compare with your site theme and go on with page optimization. As well as it does help for off page optimization by getting down with the suggestion of most searched directory keywords.

2. Google alerts

Make use of Alerts to keep track on you competitor activities or industry or getting latest stories on specified key phrases through an email

3. Google Trends

Compare two or more terms to find out the search volume on daily bases that are typed into Google’s search box. The search popularity will be shown in charts and it is easy to find the difference on term search volume

4. Google Adwords keywords

The tool helps to get new keyword ideas and as well you can type your website URL so that Google lists out the search keywords related to your business services or products

5. Google Analytics

This is a web analytics solution offered by Google for free. It gives you an insight on your site traffic and goal conversions. There are several options to track down your daily site visits / page views, keywords search visits, Geo, top contents visited, Goal tracking and much more

6. Google Webmaster tools

This tool helps you to find how Google see your WebPages. You can configure your sitemap about the page to be indexed and all about robots.txt. As well you can track total number of internal and external links, query traffic and diagnose problems if any

7. Search-based Keyword Tool

Using this tool you can get keyword ideas based on specific pages of your site and the keywords listed are from Google search queries

8. Google Insights for Search

This tool helps to compare search volume across categories, geographic distribution, and Properties

9. Google Traffic Estimator Tools

Get quick traffic estimates for search keywords related to target location and bid amount without logging into AdWords account

10. Google Website Optimizer Tool

This tool helps you to improve your existing web pages and traffic by testing your site content and design in relation to users performance.

These free tools are more of a pack from Google and hope you should have got an idea of these tools and how the tools can be used for your business growth exercise 😉

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