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Developers need to complete the project in time. The client quickly needs a stable site or web application which is easy to maintain. These two reasons drive the concept of the web application development framework. When the third reason, “the cost”  intrudes, there comes Opensource and PHP frameworks to meet everyone’s desire.

While many PHP developers reuse and code smartly, some developers code the same smarter with PHP frameworks. Frameworks help those smarter guys to complete a web project effectively and help them to manage the same easily.  Macronimous encourages programmers to work smarter and that’s the reason why we use PHP Frameworks.

In these series of blogs, we will let you know the four solid Frameworks in PHP that helps our programmers and the site owners to ‘develop own solutions effectively’.

I recommend you to make  quick visits to these previous blogs: Know more about PHP frameworks, Use frameworks – Cut down your web Development cost! before you read these series.

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