Social Bookmarking as a tool for SEO

What is Social bookmarking? It’s an easy way to save and share the websites/pages you like, with tags, for better classifications, so that you can revisit them easily. You can also share the URLs you like with your friends, site visitors and networks.

Unlike your browser-based book marking, social bookmarking sites help your sites, resources and blogs to reach more, in social media; be it people, group or network of similar interest. This is another way to increase your web page popularity.

Why do we call Social Bookmarking as a tool for SEO and how it helps SEO: When visitors search for information in search engines using keyword phrases and find your site in Google, Yahoo or MSN, if they find the information in your site to be useful, they pass it over to their friends, by bookmarking your site.

Here is a simple tool, which helps you create a social bookmarking button of your own

Do you think this acts as a tool for SEO? Definitely! Bookmarking the searched pages will bring back the new visitor again as returning visitors and there is a possibility for the searched pages to get popular in your network as well as your friends network to people with similar interest.

So go ahead! Start social bookmarking with this blog 🙂

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