Ethical SEO Companies-How to identity them?

Ethical SEO Companies – (Part 2) – How to identify them?

Ethical practices have no boundaries and the more ethical you are, the more benefits you acquire. Being an ethical SEO company, will not only fetch new clients but also make new clients as long-term clients.  The major advantage with long-term clients is they will help the SEO firm to expertise more about the business and it makes the SEO Company to even go for the domain based SEO service.

Candy to Google Engineers

Candy to Google Engineers

Most of the businesses outsource their Internet marketing objectives to specialized SEO companies because of the reason that  the Internet marketing is as tough as conventional marketing. So it is extremely important to partner Internet marketing companies with strong testimonials and more importantly, with companies that are ethical.

SEO companies should be considered, as a marketing partner of your business and the SEO firm should carry out the expectations of the business methodically.

Business owners should be wary of certain aspects other than the factors said in part 1 before partnering with an Internet marketing firm.


1. Check the effectiveness of the portfolio:

Many SEO companies claim to have achieved top rankings for ‘x’ number of keywords but the fact that is to be looked for  is the competitiveness of keywords. Long tail keywords are generally less competitive and neither are they going to generate traffic to the site. There are many tools, which shows you the competitiveness of keywords and use them to analyze the competency level and the expertise level of the SEO Company. It is highly important for business owners who are in competitive business to check this because there are tons of SEO companies who are projecting these in such a way that people are easily carried away.

2. Review the Testimonials:


There is a general adage:-

“A good word of mouth is bag of Gold”


Business owners should beware of companies providing fake testimonials and it is not only vital to check the effectiveness of the portfolio but should make sure they are true.  The one best thing what you can do is to actually call the company referred in the testimonial and request for a feedback. There is no bigger testimonial required than a good word of mouth for an SEO firm and in that case any company and business.

3. Effective Communication:


Effective communication plays a key role in the success of an Internet marketing campaign and co-ordination between the business owner and the SEO firm is vital to reach the targeted audience. Business owners should be careful in selecting the SEO firms and they should make sure the SEO firm can be contacted anytime by any means in the case of urgent needs. The other fact is that the business owners are ones who are aware of the latest happenings in the line of their business and updating the changes to the SEO firm is another factor to the key to success. Also, the SEO Company should be ready to make the changes accordingly in their Internet marketing strategy.

If there is a lack of communication between the SEO firm and the Business then the website is the  “blind man in Amazon!!! “

4. Reporting and Reports

Reports and reporting, on the other hand, strengthens the relationship between the business owner and the SEO firm and  this also helps the business owners to assess the performance of the SEO firm. Partner with SEO firms who can provide customized reports based on the requirements of the clients and are also capable of analyzing the performance of the website  should be able to provide suitable recommendations periodically.

5. Technical support:


SEO not only involves on-page and off page optimization processes it also involves certain design and development changes to be done in websites. An SEO company, which can help in development as well as in internet marketing, would be an ideal choice for business owners because there is room for flexibility. Search engines nowadays provide importance to loading speed and it is extremely important that your business website is hosted in good servers.

About us: “ Macronimous Web solutions, an offshore search engine optimization company is always proud to offer white hat SEO service for its clients. As we follow white hat SEO technique, we are esteemed to call ourselves as a professional SEO firm. Macronimous considers the business of the clients as their own business and foresees the SEO process. This makes Macronimous very special because it acts as  a marketing team to the company indirectly. Macronimous has a team of SEO experts who are working hard to create a benchmark in ethical SEO. Clients can contact Macronimous web solutions for any SEO related aspects and the team are ever ready to serve the client needs. Macronimous updates the clients with the latest changes in search engines periodically and gives suitable solutions with varying time.  Macronimous web solutions always feel proud to be a part of clients intellectual business partner.”


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