Web application testing – 12 simple strategies for developers

We learn from the projects we do and time teaches us too. The following are 12 simple rules for the developers that we have learned from the customers over a period of time. I hope they will help us to deal better with the customers who teaches us, and improve the deliverables that justify our experience.

1. Test, Test and Test your applications before you send it to QA team

2. Fix all the bugs which you find

3. Remember this: If you forget to include QA in the project schedule and swallow QA time by extending your development time, you are doing injustice to the client, your employer and the worst is to yourself.

3. Fix all the bugs which QA team finds

4. Assure yourself that you leave no faults in your application before sending it to the client

5. Do NOT expect the customer to test your application for yourself. The customer need not be a Testing professional.

6. Make the list of changes and bugs reported by the customer.

7. Schedule them – and Let the customer know the turnaround time to fix them all.

8. Fix them and let the QA check them.

9. Make sure that you make the customer happy, and let him prefer you as their favorite developer.

10. Learn from the bugs; By not repeating them you can become a super developer.

11. If a project has strict deadlines, it needs strict QA.

12. Avoid reporting the known bugs to the client – instead, fix them!

As I said learning never ends, I welcome if your valuable rules or strategies or comments could extend this list. Shoot them as your comments.

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