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Recently we started our Business blog section with WordPress, Simply we are enjoying it. I would like to share what we like in WordPress.

Overall WordPress is very easy to install, create the mySQL database and mention the mySQL login credentials in the configuration file, upload them all, Run the setup and you are done! – Hardly 15 minutes, If you are new to any application installation – maximum one hour! Your Blog or CMS driven Site is ready to post content.

Easy to configure Plug-ins from a huge list of Plug-ins Directory – You not need to be a programmer to configure the right plug-ins you want.

Flaws are fixed quickly – Watch for the right version and upgrade it Quickly. We always research on WordPress security and make any fixes quickly. The fixes are identified quickly by WordPress team and fixed quickly. So I do not think it is something to be worried much … But just keeping you updated will help you a smooth running for long time.

Most importantly, our designers said designing a Theme is much simpler than Drupal – We are using Drupal much, and I know how difficult it would be in Drupal. With great experience in XHTML and CSS it’s not difficult to create Themes. Sooner, our guys will come up with nice FREE designs soon for the WordPress to download.

Easy to admin your blog or site. For a simple sites which need a good CMS, you do not need to load your customers with tons of features offered by Drupal or Joomla. If the site doesn’t have continuous, fast growing nature, you can make the site manager’s life easier with WordPress.

For permalinks and comments you can create RSS. Nice feature.

Staticize plugin – to cache the content of the dynamic pages which makes the site fast appearing and I assume it will eat less server bandwidth. I know some of the features are available in other CMS applications too, But I like WordPress allowing you to configure them easily.

Post via email … It is bit tricky to setup and post your blog by the post Post via E-mail feature. Though I am not planning to use it, you may definitely want to give a try! If you want to use WordPress as your corporate private communication tool for information sharing, this would be power feature.

Trackbacks with pingbacks – Just mention the permalink of any post in your blog. This will do the trackback job.
What I didn’t see is versioning and a content approval system. If anyone knows you can reply here in comments.
We are writing a plug-in to post your comments via mobile; I hope sooner it would be available as our Contribution.

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