A story behind Inbound Links!

Many people arise a question “Link promotion … Matters quantity or quality?”

Link promotion proves to be the base for search engine optimization. People try to optimize their sites using strategies like competitor link analysis, identifying thousands of back links, say 10,000; but simultaneously keep worrying over the time consumed in adding their site to this huge link database. This is where you can go wrong – it’s all about quality links, not speaking of Page Rank (PR).

One quality link” can give you the competitive edge. It can win over a competitor with 10 wrong links … Organic listings make this point clear to you. It proves that quantity does not matter … “it’s the quality”.

Are you confused on seeing a site with very few links and still stand in the top 10 in search result? Have a closer look to realize the quality of the Backlinks … links that are more relevant … “the right link at the right place”.

Go for related links or Trusted links. So “get the right links” and you might not need quantity links as you thought you need quality links.

Remember… a website that is ranked high, yet have few Backlinks is due to quality links.

It is all about calculation like

  1. Domain Age
  2. Authority sites linking to it
  3. Different c class IP
  4. Number of DMOZ and Yahoo Directory listings
  5. Rankings of site/page
  6. Related Backlinks or Trusted Backlinks
  7. No JavaScript Backlinks
  8. No frame page Backlinks
  9. Will it send traffic (Hits, hits, hits)

So spend your valuable time to get a few quality links rather than bundles of unrelated quantity links 🙂 . Thanks for your time, Leave a reply.

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