Big Decision about Small Screens: Does your Business Need a Mobile App?

Does your business require a Mobile app?

You need an app.


Who hates Mobile phones? 

We have reached a point in time today where there is no denying that the smartphone boom has taken over the world. A large proportion of internet content consumption, browsing and purchases now happen on mobile devices. They also form a brand opinion and respond to call to action, based on their mobile usage experience.

Wait. It’s not about the phones!

It’s not just the Mobile phones, but the Mobile apps that we have in our mobiles phones which make them “Smart” phones.

In such a scenario, businesses have no choice but to consider the option of encapsulating their brand, products and services within a mobile app to maximize their online reach and business potential.

Studies have shown that businesses which have already made the transition are growing at a rapid rate, showing better returns and leveraging their brand image in a more productive way.

OK. You need one:

As a business owner, if you are still wondering whether you should jump on the mobile app bandwagon, here are a few compelling factors and some associated instances which you should consider before making an informed decision about the small screen –

Customer Loyalty – Keeping the customer closer to you and farther from competition

It has been proven time and again that investing in a mobile app does wonder for customer loyalty. For your business, it is important to have long-term customer engagement to get repeat business and to bring down customer acquisition costs. With a mobile app, you have the perfect way to hold the interest of individual customers with personalized service and deploying useful information. These compelling factors can keep the customer hooked for longer durations leading to sales closure eventually. The outcome is a long-term boost for your business as you can concentrate on acquiring new customers and keep a high level of engagement with the existing ones.Kevin-law

Take for instance, if you have a legal service business. By getting an app developed, your business and your logo stay permanently on your customers’ mind, thus giving a much higher chance of sales conversion. Here is a couple of a good example of how a Mobile app can build a relationship between you and your long-term customer.

Kevin law-

HWB Chartered Accountant –


Your Brand in the Mobility Marketplace

Running a business always involves substantial investment in brand building and positioning. Creating brand awareness and ensuring a firm position for your brand in a competitive market can be a difficult task to achieve. With a mobile app, however, you can achieve this quickly and efficiently. There are many different ways in which you can incorporate your branding in mobile app user experience. As customers keep using your app, the constant brush with your brand will help create brand awareness and with time, this can create the perfect place for your brand in the mobility marketplace.

Cab/Taxi booking apps are some amazing instances that help promote your Brand’s presence in the customer’s mobile, hence in their mind. Uber is a great example. The app remains in your clients’ pockets and continues drawing their attention to your service offerings 24 X 7.

Taxi4sur Uber

Uber –

Even if you are a small business running locally, an app will help your brand reachable to your customers around the region. Take for instance the local florist app that gives customers immense convenience when they want to order flowers for their loved ones.


Jenny Florist is a good example of how a local small business can take the power of mobility:

Engage your Customer Quickly

Gone are the days of expensive and often laborious marketing campaigns as a means to reach and engage your customers. With a growing user base for mobile devices, you have a mode of communication that enables you to quickly capture the attention of customers and hold it effectively for long durations. Mobile devices are meant for daily intimate use and present a golden opportunity for you to provide your customers with a value-adding experience, thereby driving engagement and involvement.

Share broking apps are good examples for an engaging customer through Mobile. Here is an app, which Kotak (a Bank in India) uses to engage their customers.

Kotak Stock trader:


Another example is – SC Ford, a Ford dealer uses an app to engage with their customers by providing them detailed service history, reminders etc. for their vehicles.

Your Competitors do it too

No matter which niche or area of business you are in, you can be sure that some of the companies you are competing with have already started leveraging the mobile platform for furthering their business interests. The mobile app experience is something that customers enjoy, and having your own app puts you in a position to stay neck and neck in the competition. You can even study the strategy and strong points from your competitors’ efforts, and use the information and insight to your advantage.

You can simply search for your competitors online in the Google Play Store and in iTunes. And then find the type of apps that they provide, assess their development approach. But, try to stay different by giving something unique and different to your customers.

Another Viable Marketing Channel

Having a mobile app puts you in touch with every single customer in an intimate way. You can interact one-on-one and provide relevant information based on user demographics and preferences. This makes the mobile platform a viable and effective marketing channel where you can deploy your marketing efforts in a targeted manner. This approach increases efficiency and provides you with more bang for your buck when it comes to marketing expenses.

Connect with your Employees with your own App

Many companies are in the process of developing and using mobile apps which focus on their employees. The advantage of mobile apps is that you can simplify and speed up certain aspects of business workflow which are otherwise cumbersome and tedious, and employees can derive great benefit out of this. It also allows your workforce to multitask and stay in touch with each other and the management constantly, improving communication and overall coordination.

Any business can have a mobile app for their employees to facilitate administrative tasks or operations such as login, check their pay, leaves, apply for any privileges, read a corporate news, stock details etc. You can keep your employees connected and provide consistent UI/UX experience with simple HR mobile app that extends the convenience of mobility.

So instead of asking “whether your business should join the mobile app bandwagon?”, a correct question would be to ask “when can your business join the mobile app bandwagon?”