Load and Stress testing – Tools reviewed!

Most of the performance issues occur because of high stress in the server.  You should perform load testing to know how many concurrent visitors your site can serve perfectly. It is difficult to arrange without the help of a set of actual user. It is the proper way of using advanced automatic load and stress testing tools.

Load Runner

Load runner is the contribution of Hewlett-Packard to the software testing industry for analyzing the conduct and concert of the system by giving an actual load to the system. Load runner can make the application feel the load of hundreds or thousands of real-time users and meanwhile can repossess information from web server’s database servers etc.
When working with Load Runner we work with three different tools Virtual User Generator (VuGen) and Controller and Analysis, which are an inevitable part of the tool.

The VuGen helps a user to record and replay the required actions against the applications under test. The required actions will be recorded in the form of scripts. The user can make modifications in the scripts. When the script is ready, the same is executed by the controller and finally, analysis will give the scenario results in the form of graphs for the user to view and analyze.


Note: Q Engine is no longer in sale. We will update this section soon with a better tool that we use.

Advent Net Q engine is a tool that supports both load testing and functional testing for web-based applications. The tool mainly helps to spot the bottlenecks in the application code and eradicate the same then and there. This tool helps your ‘N’ Tier endeavor applications meet heavy user loads during peak hours and have high uptime in production. This testing will provide supply user scenarios and reasonable load types for the application during the load test. The tool can create real-time user actions and perform load tests load with hundreds or even thousands of simultaneous users under active load conditions. The load testing features are:

”¢ Load Test Recording
”¢ Flexible User Scenarios and Dynamic Data Generation
”¢ Real-world Load Simulation
”¢ Distributed Load Testing
”¢ Load Test Reports


Borland silk performer is an enterprise-class tool for delivering automated software load, stress and performance testing in an open and shareable model. We can create prevailing, realistic load tests for thousands of users running production scenarios across a broad range of endeavor application environments to identify bottlenecks, and then apply powerful diagnostics to resolve performance issues with help of Silk Performer. Adaptable visual scenario modeling enables any load scenario to be tested and compared … whether it involves a single, massive flood of requests to a website or the expected behavior of an enterprise application under daily heavy load. Any bottlenecks are identified, then spontaneous diagnostic and analysis capabilities help resolve the issue quickly, reducing test-and-fix cycles, accelerating time-to-market, and supporting critical release decisions related to application performance. Test creation, root-cause analysis wizards and Java & .NET deep diagnostics build it amazingly simple and efficient to use, removing the cost and complexity associated.

Few Performance & Load Testing  Capabilities in Silk Performer:
”¢ Virtual user “types” enable shared, reusable access to load testing across all major application environments
”¢ No license requirement for “controllers” or individual “protocols” means greater access to test creation and execution for more team members across the organization
”¢ Discover ease of use with the built-in step-by-step workflow wizards
”¢ Create tests and executions with Silk Performer’s intuitive interface or leverage the Eclipse IDE
”¢ Test a wide range of enterprise environments with versatile, sharable, multi-protocol virtual-user types
”¢ Easily customize tests with random user data””without programming a single line of code
”¢ Reuse test cases in different environments and scenarios without changing test scripts

WAPT(Web Application testing)

WAPT is a load and stress testing tool for websites, web servers, and intranet applications with web interfaces. WAPT provides easy-to-use ways for accurate load simulation and Run-time test data generation. We can test and analyze the performance characteristics in various load circumstances to find bottleneck of your web applications. WAPT can simulate multiple users for each scenario, custom implement delays between requests and dynamically generate test data parameters. The values of request parameters and URIs can be calculated in a number of ways and even be determined by the server response to the previous request.  The features of WAPT are to test websites with dynamic content and protected HTTPS pages. It provides useful test results through descriptive graphs and reports. Additional features included in WAPT: support for secure sites and user authorization, simultaneous testing and batch operation.