How your business can enter into mobile app bandwagon?

Mobile Business bandwagonIt has been two years since the mobile apps have overtaken desktop apps as per ComScore report. In the US, KPCB Mobile Technology Trends report shows that mobile media time is 51% as compared to desktops (42%). Also, around 269.69 billion apps are expected to be downloaded in 2017, as compared to a mere 2.52 billion in 2009. This explosion in downloads has led to tremendous mobile app revenue generation, which stood at $41.1 billion USD globally and is expected to grow to 101.1 billion USD by 2020. These numbers are enough to make you feel left out if you don’t have a dedicated mobile user acquisition strategy in place.

The 3 steps for your business to the mobile bandwagon:

  1. Consult with the Core Business Team

The statistics though mind-boggling and lucrative, to be truly successful and to see ROI, you need to tread with care in the field of Mobile apps. Since we are developing mobile apps since 2009, what we have identified is, not all Mobile Apps are successful. When we drill deep into the reason, for most of the cases, we find that not all the Mobile Apps aligned with the core business functionality – causing more woes, including loss of money, than before. Hence the very first step to see your business move into the Mobile Bandwagon is to identify your core business functionality. Towards this, call for a meeting with the key people who understand and know your business thoroughly and begin charting out a Mobile Strategy for your business.

  1. Consult with the Sales & Marketing Team

Once you have successfully identified your core business functionality, the next step would be to find the current feel of your customers and the pulse in the market. This is critical because they are the final users and your success in ROI would lie in identifying this correctly. This answer lies in your sales and marketing team, who are knowledgeable about the following

  • What is the current Marketing pitch used
  • What Ticks the sales and the accompanying nuances
  • Who are your competitors
  • A SWOT analysis

Why do you need to do these exercises with your team? Read on…

  1. Consult an expert Mobile App Dev Team

Now, you have done your homework. You are ready to approach the Mobile App industry experts. A good Mobile App development team will elicit details from you, which the core business team and the Sales and marketing team have given even before they agreed to the development for you. This is a good yardstick for you to keep while deciding whom you can trust this work with.

Such an app development team will be able to bring in the apt Mobile App features as they understand your core business and along with it use appropriate UI and UX  features, as they understand your customers and the competitors and the industry standards. Having taken all the pain at your side, a bad job at the end can completely spoil your efforts. Hence, this is an extremely critical step which will help your business to become successful and giving entry into the Mobile Bandwagon, even disrupting the industry.

In Conclusion:

Remember – Mobile Apps do not guarantee earnings unless enough planning and care taken. Added to it, the right App Developer (I do not mind pointing us as one of them :-))  is the key to seeing this get fleshed out.

Want more advice on how to do this. Talk to us. We are glad to help.

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