Xcode cloud for iOS developers – A Quick introduction

Xcode Cloud for iOS developers

Introduction to Xcode cloud for iOS developers 

The Platform first made its appearance in the market during WWDC in June 2021. Ever since, Apple has been gradually disseminating it to more and more developers. The good thing is that it is now free for anyone to sign up. Xcode cloud for iOS developers comes in various tiers that are paid for, the cheapest being $14.99 per month for 25 hours. This option will be free as from 2023 throughout the year for the iOS developers.

What is Xcode

This is an integrated development environment (IDE) that was designed by Apple for creating software and apps for iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. It can be viewed as the sole tool that is officially supported for developing and publishing software and apps to the Apple’s app store. One of the advantages that comes with this platform is that it is user-friendly, making it easier for beginner developers as well as the veterans.

It also contains various tools that assist the developers to design and develop their apps. Some of these tools include a compiler, a text editor and a build system for building and running your code. Simply put, with this platform, you get to write, compile and debug your software. It is also very beneficial since it offers you the chance to deploy it to the Apple app store once you are done developing it.

This platform exists to make the life of veteran developers as well as beginners easier, enabling them to design apps bullet fast and experience minimal obstacles and confusion when creating software. This as an editor supports several programming languages such as Objective C, C, C++, Objective C++, AppleScript, Java, Ruby, Python, Swift and ResEdit. It makes use of programming models such as Carbon, Cocoa and Java.

What is Xcode cloud? 

Xcode cloud intro

In this intro, we intend to provide an overview of what this is and what features and tools it contains.

This cloud platform can best be defined as a progressive integration and delivery service that was integrated and particularly designed to suit apple or iOS developers. The cloud platform for iOS developers poses as a catalyst for the development and delivery process of top-notch apps by offering a wide variety of cloud-based tools that aid you develop apps and perform automated tests. It also provides developers with the tools to deliver the apps to the testers and to enable the developers to view the feedback from the users as well as manage it.

This is in no way to suggest that it is the sole CI/CD solution for Apple developers. However, it provides more sophisticated and easier integration with the existing Apple tools. This platform is built within the IDE and provide an integrated environment that enables the developing of iPad, mobile and Mac apps. This platform also works with TestFlight directly, thus giving the developers a chance to deploy their apps to users for pre-release testing.

This platform has been designed to ensure that you as a developer have a single window to work with. It also boasts of features like autocomplete feature and a source code checker that smoothens the process of writing code. These features are essential as they give new developers an easy time as they learn. Developers who are veterans will find that these features will increase the speed in which they develop their applications.

Why Xcode cloud? 

This is currently the only way to design apps by Apple. Therefore, supposing you are a developer who is interested in developing macOS and iOS apps, you will find this tool very handy. As much there are other solutions that don’t necessarily need you to use this tool, they tend to develop issues in the long run since they are not supported by Apple.

This tool has various excellent debugging tools that will allow you as a developer to find solutions to your problems, and bugs in your applications way faster. Additionally, they also have project management tools that provide the environment where you can control your code files and image assets in an orderly manner.

Advantages of Xcode cloud over Xcode standalone IDE 

Aside from the standalone IDE that only lets you write code and offers limited features; the cloud platform is an additional effort by Apple to improve the developers experience while creating apps while offering the tools necessary to maintain the apps in the App store. This also offers enhanced security that guarantees developers of safety and confidentiality of their projects and applications. This is achieved through the two-factor authentication that has been implemented by Apple in this platform to encrypt the data.

This cloud platform has several other advantages, such as the following:

  • Automated workflow: it tailors your workflows to align with your development process, or use the workflow that is built in to get you started.
  • Provides parallel testing: it allows you to create configurations to test one or two devices to determine the health of your project. It also distributes the resources in parallel to hasten the testing process while you keep coding.
  • Integrated into the IDE: This tool in embedded inside the IDE in such a way that all your builds and tests results are presented inside the IDE platform. It also lets you sieve your build tasks as the actual build takes place in the cloud.
  • Works with TestFlight: this platform works in parallel with TestFlight to allow developers to test their codes and share specific branches of your app to external testers as you work on other concepts.


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