Mobile apps and Customer loyalty – How your brand can use Mobile apps for customer retention?

Customer loyalty with Mobile apps

You have customers. Hard earned!

After spending plenty of time and $$$ you finally have earned customers. And yes, you want them to be with you forever. Any sensible business leader would have this strong desire. Moreover, no businesses want their customers to be one-and-only-one-time customers. They would surely want to see customers come back. But, how do you do this? Convert them into Loyal Customers for your business.

But How? A quick answer is Mobile Apps!

Customer Loyalty – The Thin Line:

A simplistic thinking goes like this. As long as we give satisfactory service, we can keep customers coming back again and again. Well, we hate to say this. But here you are “Times have changed and this no longer works”. There are scores of companies giving good, excellent services. What makes you think that they have to come back to ‘you’ again? Why not choose another equally good service provider like you? Maybe there are even better ones out there!

The lesson we learn here is that repetitive customers need not be loyal customers. But the vice versa is and has always been true – Loyal customers will be repetitive customers.

Customer Attrition – You need to Fix it! :

In the face of customer demands and thick competition in almost all industry verticals, time and again the leaders seem to be the ones who are “available for the customer in the time of need”. But remember this timely availability which made someone a leader, resulted in customer attrition for someone else. The interesting fact is, the attrition was not felt on day 1, but over a period. How do you know if this is not happening to you? Are you finding yourself in the same boat where you are also losing customers? If yes, read on…

How to work on Customer Retention:

How have people been successful in retaining customers? Mobile Apps is the answer. If you do not have a mobile app for your customers, take it for granted, you are facing customer attrition over to your competitor who has a mobile app released for use.

Let’s face it – Gone are the days where people used to queue up with a ticketing agent or a booking office for travel or for movies. Mobile apps have revolutionized the way business is done. It is beyond a shadow of the doubt, people choose to do business with an agent having a mobile app rather than physically. Well, though the end result is the same – The customer gets his or her tickets – “the mobile app was available for the customer in a time of need.”

Why not you be the first service provider and beat the competition. Act Quick and build a Mobile App! To know more on building a mobile app for your business go here.

A word of caution: Trying to tweak an existing web app to be used in a mobile phone will be the worst strategy that you can take. This can lead you to a drastic customer loss! We have explained why this is a bad strategy here.

How to Build Customer Loyalty:

Timely help is priceless. The person who helped is remembered forever! Who wouldn’t love to have information, especially valuable ones, on their fingertips whenever they wanted and only when they wanted? Nothing does better than a Mobile App. You can empower your customers with that needy, useful information with your mobile app. Trust me when I say this. They will love you for this and more importantly remember you for this. Yes, they tend to be loyal.

From just making timely information, help or facility available, go beyond. With the scores of offers and announcements given by apps like Uber, why not work out an offer in your own industry vertical and announce them through these mobile apps. The add-on-value that they see through these announcements, would convert any customer to a loyal one!

In Conclusion:

Initiatives like these ease the pain off from the customers and, guess what, they will not only be your Loyal customers but even become a strong evangelist for your business. All because you gave them a mobile app!

We would like to hear more on the strategies that you have adopted to build customer loyalty.

PS: If you are interested in developing your first mobile app for your business, OR if you like to analyze how the mobile app that you have already built can be revised or modified to help retaining customers, feel free to write us or read more about us.

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