What can Macronimous offer you as an Offshore Outsourcing company?

Since India became an offshore destination, we started our network operations as an offshore web development agency.

  • We have more than twenty years of experience building web apps and market them. We have existed since the days of CGI/Perl web scripting language, as an offshore web development company.
  • Create custom web applications for your business. Even before the beginning of this millennium, we established e-commerce stores and content management.
  • We have 16 years of experience with mobile apps, yes, we started creating apps for portable devices such as Palm, Windows CE, and Symbian feature phones and later on adapted to work on iOS and Android.
  • We do SEO for Altavista and DMOZ days. Even before Google was born, we were working with search engines.
  • Our vision and data experts can create business intelligence dashboards to simplify daily information and reporting
  • Our Amazon Certified Professionals (AWS) will help you securely host your apps
  • Maintain and support your applications, server, and database remotely and cost-effectively

Therefore, almost all the business requirements you operate on the network can be met by us; the key is to understand and effectively define these requirements and translate them into technical terms to ensure smooth communication between your company and our technical team. We are experts in this area.

As your expert partner in offshore network development, we do not believe in traditional business relationships with customers, but we tend to make our relationship more like a partnership ensuring an effective marketing channel and/or final product. As with any association, both parties have vested interests and risks. Our goal as your partner is to establish a long-term relationship with you.

Explore our customer Portfolio, from the UK, Canada, Australia, USA, Singapore, Iceland, Switzerland, South Africa, the Netherlands, Italy, the Middle East and India.

What services could you outsource to us?

We work with almost all web and mobile  technology platforms. Click here to see some of the main services we offer.