As an SEO agency, you may always be wondering what a White Label SEO company is? Also, how to engage a team of SEO professionals to offer SEO services as your own team without losing your brand identity.

If you are an SEO agency and thinking of expanding operations, then hiring a White label SEO agency is the right option. It helps you by outsourcing, some of your SEO services to a remote team such as Macronimous. But it still maintains maintain strict confidentiality. Just as your SEO team in India. Under your business name, process, and values.

This gives you resource scalability as well as pricing advantages.

What does the White label mean?

White label means working for a company on behalf of another company.  To explain it with an example, while label means Company X doing services (or developing products) for company Y. But under the brand name of company Y. In most cases, company X works as a silent partner without revealing its identity. 

In marketing terms, it is called rebranding. One brand works for another brand as a backend or back office. You can also call them hidden associates, satellite teams, extended offices, and so on.

What is white label SEO?

The SEO work for you or your company is done by another SEO company and is branded under your company assets. This is called white label SEO. A company that works for others in that manner is called a White Label SEO Company.

Why a White Label SEO Company?

The need for a White Label SEO company becomes very relevant if you are an SEO agency or a company that cannot deal with SEO internally. This may be because you may have an overflow of work. Sometimes, it may be because, as a company, SEO is not your core tenet, but just a tangent.

In such a scenario, you may want to hire an external SEO company that can do the work of Search Engine Optimization, for you. However, the work happens on your behalf and under your supervision or direction. Your external White label SEO company does not reveal their identity and they work as a white label partner. 

If you are an SEO agency that needs additional hands, the best option is to find a good white label SEO company nearshore or offshore. Such SEO companies can exist across the street and even on the other side of the world. 

What do you offer as a white label SEO company?

We have been working with SEO agencies and businesses for the past two decades. SEO agencies from USA, UK, and Australia work with us to provide cost-effective SEO services, our white label SEO services cost agencies less than $10/hour. For every SEO project that we work, as a white label SEO agency, we keep our brand hidden. You can contact us as your own extended SEO team in India. We work for your client on behalf of you under your brand. 

Throughout this white label SEO process, we will use templates below your brand and send editable documents.

What is your white label SEO process?

We have a time-tested SEO process that is productive and makes everyone involved feel comfortable. 

  1. You will work with your SEO client to collect the details (We will provide a simple SEO questionnaire that you can rebrand)
  2. We analyze every website that you send us and arrive at the project cost.
  3. We provide an SEO proposal with recommendations in your branded template, which can be edited.
  4. SEO tasks are approved in a project management tool used by you and us. We use tools such as Basecamp, Teamwork, Trello, or Slack for SEO project management.
  5. We track the SEO performance of your clients and provide monthly SEO reports in your branded template.
  6. As a White Label SEO company, we bill you monthly which can be paid through Bank wire transfer or PayPal. 

What are the benefits of engaging a white label SEO company?

There are many advantages of using Macronimous as your white label SEO company. Here are a few:

  1. We are your SEO team, but hidden.
  2. Our team becomes your team.
  3. We are scalable, so, you can focus on SEO sales
  4. As of 2020, we have 20 years of Experience with Search Engine technology. We started even before the inception of Google.
  5. A dedicated team of SEO professionals – so your workload is reduced.
  6. We have a separate team of WordPress, PrestaShop, and other CMS developers to manage websites – That means all you need is, us. 
  7. All your assignments are done internally, so your data is kept confidential.
  8. You can reach us by Email or Phone call anytime. We are open to using Basecamp, Slack, Trello, or any SEO Agile project management tool.
  9. We assign an SEO project manager as your point of contact to all SEO projects.
  10. You will get detailed Technical SEO, SEO troubleshooting, site security, and SEO recommendations.

What are the challenges with the white label SEO model?

The challenges, in general with the white label SEO model are,

  • Expertise
  • Communication
  • Industry updates
  • Team management
  • Continuous support

However, in our case, Macronimous has been addressing them all well for years. Our SEO process, methods, and techniques have evolved to meet our client’s expectations. We have been constantly focusing on addressing any process hiccups immediately. As we have been doing White Label SEO Services for Agencies for two decades now, we can say we are mature enough to be your white label SEO model.

Can white label SEO be a win-win?

Yes. White Label SEO services can be a win-win for the following:

A – End Clients

B – SEO agencies

C – White label SEO company.

End Clients (A) can have a local SEO agency that addresses their concerns and requirements in face-to-face meetings. Hence the Local SEO agency gets the details and with the help of the White Label SEO company, gets the work done and meets with the client to discuss monthly SEO progress and to share future plans.

As far as the Local SEO agencies (B) are concerned since a white label SEO company such as ours is available to do the actual work, it gives them much time which can be used to focus on acquiring new SEO projects.

For a white label SEO company (C), the win comes in because the local agency gives them work, they need not worry about new projects. They just need to focus on actual SEO work, that they are already good at!

Hence, everyone is in a win-win scenario in this situation, thanks to the White Label SEO services that are being offered!


Competitive Pricing
Competitive Pricing

Our rates are Reasonable and highly competitive. We work with various pricing models and are flexible to work within your budget.

Proven Methods
Proven Methods

We use a lightweight Agile Web development process emphasizing Feature Driven Development (FDD) which is flexible enough to meet changes in needs.

Unparallel Quality
Unparallel Quality

We have a separate QA team who works in parallel and independent of the development team with great UI, UX experience, and delivery plans.

Skilled Developers
Skilled Developers

Certified and expert web and Mobile developers who pay attention to details, take deliverables seriously and work with great customer communication are our Strengths.

Post development Support
Post development Support

We provide FREE 30 days to 1 year,  post-development support, and continuous maintenance, upgrades, and security updates. We also take maintenance and support for apps developed by other teams.

Scalable Apps
Scalable Apps

Keeping the need for changes in mind, we make the apps highly scalable. By choosing the right technology platform, Database, App architecture, and Cloud Servers we take care of your app always easy to scale up.