Outsource Website Redesigning and Enhancement

Have a website that is not working for your business? That needs to be revitalized to keep up with the competition and reflect your current customers' expectations? or Needs to be more eCommerce orientated? then Macronimous web solutions has the solution for you.

With our Web Enhancement and revitalization solutions, your business site can be more dynamic, user friendly, easier to navigate, and interactive with features such as customer service chat and multimedia. So, let us evaluate your site to see what we can do for you and your business.

Key Benefits
  • Revitalization to reflect current customer expectations.
  • Allows your site to be more competitive online.
  • Enhance your website with eCommerce solutions; and/or interactive features such as customer service chat and other multimedia.
  • Free website evaluation.
  • Affordable cost.
  • You can keep your current website host or we can offer you hosting at an affordable cost.
Site Evaluation

This is a basic analysis of your site. It is a comparison between your business goals, Website goals, and your Website itself. Most sites utilize less than 1/3 of their potential. Many sites have no business planning behind them whatsoever. Those that do lack psychological analysis of browser needs, design focus to accomplish set objectives, and the communication strategies to take advantage of the opportunities that so often click to your site, and just as quickly click away.

Website Strategy Development

This is a developed, multi-faceted business plan describing how to use your Website to increase sales, encourage contact, expand site registration, and more; as well as custom goals specifically organized to help make your site an effective tool at enhancing your business operations. We can also clean up your HTML code, convert that into CSS and <DIV> based in order to make the site fast loading and ensure multi browser compatibility. Read further to learn about our CSS based website design services.

Communication Redesign

This is a rewriting of the copy on your Website with a strategic focus designed to best accomplish your predetermined and our evaluated goals. Most Websites are not written by someone who specializes in written communication. They are filled with grammar and spelling errors, have inadequate persuasion techniques to bring about a course of action from the visitor, lack writing style, and have no psychological planning to keep the user interested. For more information on strategies addressed by our communication redesign and other strategy services, click here. To find out the type of services they include, please see below.

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