Responsive Web Design India

Responsive Web Design India

Do you require a website that is compatible with millions of smart phone browsers? OR do you like to make your present website accessible over iPhone, Android Phones and Tablets.

At Macronimous, we have the apt expertise to provide Responsive Web Design services from India. With the world going mobile, it has become a necessity to have your website responsive to not just desktop web browsers but also to Smartphone mobile browsers, tablets and even large screen televisions.

Macronimous is your one-stop-shop for all your web needs. Our offshore responsive web design professionals provide several CSS and jQuery frameworks as mentioned below. This supports responsive fluid themes and makes your website compatible with any screen size and resolution.

What Responsive frameworks and tools we use at Macronimous?
  • Zurb Foundation is the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world. Using its powerful CSS preprocessor, we develop foundation in a quick manner. We also use Foundation 4 tools to customize and build on top of this foundation.
  • Semantic Grid System provides a responsive page layout design for your website. Switching between pixels and percentages this system allows website compatibility with any device.
  • Sequence jQuery slider plugin provides our experts the complete control to build unique and creative website sliders.
  • Response js is a framework that allows us to build performance-optimized, mobile-first responsive websites.
  • Twitter's Bootstrap Bootstrap provides the platform for easy to manage CSS and JavaScript in the front end, so a higher level of customization to make best RWD is feasible. The advantages are style definitions which are reusable, composition based approach, Grid based layout etc are make it a perfect proposition.

We do not stop with the above list; we keep updating ourselves with latest technologies that make your site available with the latest smart phones and tablets.

Apart from other third party open source plugins and add-ons with jQuery and JavaScript, we also use Responsive Grid System that makes your site dynamic. For responsive image sliders, we use Isotope, Panoramica for fully fluid sliders, and Responsive CSS3 slider without JavaScript.

With all these innovative frameworks, we provide Responsive Web Design in India that delivers effective solutions at affordable prices. We not only implement these frameworks, but also test them with real-time devices rather than just using the simulators. This testing is done on various smartphones and tablets from iPod Touch to Windows surface Tablets, so you can outsource Responsive Web Design to Macronimous and stay assured of the quality of the service provided.

For better assistance in this space, let Macronimous be your dynamic responsive web design India partner!


At a very high level, responsive web design is the web design technique that helps uniformity and ease of accessing websites, irrespective of the environment or the screen size is used to view the website. In case your website needs to reach out to a wider set of audience that access the Net through different devices, then Macronimous ensures that all users get the same UI/UX irrespective of whether they view it on a laptop or a smartphone or in a Tablet. Also, responsive web design helps to avoid content duplication.

CSS is the style sheet language that helps programmers to define the look and feel of an HTML page. CSS3 implements Responsive Web Design by use of flexible grids, layout, and content. CSS3 uses properties such as 'width', 'padding' or 'margin'. Macronimous' CSS3 implementation breaks away from traditional pixel or inches based layout designing to bring about the desired flexibility and it does so using a specific module called Media Queries. They enable rendering of media and content based on the parameters of the device such as screen size, resolutions etc. Learn more from the W3C site.

Minimalism conveys the same meaning as in the literal world, i.e. use of bare minimum elements to allow the website to function optimally. At Macronimous we offer innovative ways to achieve minimalism without lessening the appeal of the site in any way. Some instances applied by us include dual tone colors, constant font styling, spacing, arrangement, and minimum use of multimedia elements to lend an effective look that attracts visitors and loads rapidly. So in case you want your website to embrace the minimalist look, connect with Macronimous.

CSS Frameworks allow developers to save serious development time by providing a starting point or a jumpstart. The developer can then add characteristics or features to customize the webpage. For a client, this facilitates rapid time to market and realize their business goals faster. Macronimous employs popular frameworks such as Bootstrap, Blueprint, Less Framework, Foundation by Zurb, and HTML Boilerplate to take baseline website and application designs, and then add on with bespoke client oriented designs and content.

Macronimous has the ability to render designs in all major screen sizes that are associated with major brands of different devices. Our main focus is to break the different sizes into easy categories – 320px or less, 480px (both for major smartphone brands), 768px (big screen smartphones and tablets), and 960px or more (laptops and desktops)

Yes, we do. We can make WordPress templates as responsive too. Yes, you can even supply WordPress templates as PSD and we can convert them as Responsive and implement it too. Check our WordPress development services for details.

Flat design involves the rendering of no-frills buttons, element and input fields by doing away with shiny effects, patterns, visual effects and other visually jarring effects. The design team at Macronimous ensures employing flat designs made hugely popular by iOS devices. We ensure total flat responsive design user experience that yet makes it easy for user to understand which is static content and which is clickable content. See how we built out Blog with Flat design and CSS framework.

No. Our team at Macronimous implements responsive design in a way that is beneficial for SEO purposes as well. We ensure that the site is:

  1. Indexed (for visibility when users Google up query)
  2. Crawlable (for allowing Google to follow every unique link)
  3. Readable (avoid use of Flash content, use of text instead of images)
  4. Meant for humans and not search engines (allows better SEO ranking by Google)

Users who are limited by Internet speed would appreciate the need for downloading images that do not eat into system resources or takes forever to load. Macronimous responsive web design team ensures employing fluid or responsive images that are rendered as per the screen size of the device on which the site is being viewed. We use APIs, PHP scripts, and element that help render the correct image as per the resolution and the bandwidth of the Internet data plan.

We ensure that your website functions well in actual devices in which we are keep investing and not just in simulators. We use devices of different screen sizes and resolutions such as tablets, smartphones and phablets. Apart from adaptability, we also check site’s loading speed on different devices.

Yes, Macronimous has the capabilities to work upon client supplied graphics and adapt it as per the RWD protocols.

Yes, we can. We can provide redesign OR design enhancements along with responsive web design as you require.

We provide pricing based on what you require. We have different pricing models, based on your requirement and budget needs. Feel free to write us for a custom quote. It’s free, and your information will be dealt confidentially.

We have over 30 designers that are well equipped to handle your responsive web development needs effectively. Our team of web designers has the ability to work across a multitude of platforms, tools, approaches and languages remotely from our offices in India.

For further information please contact at . See the List of contacts or use this form below to reach us for a Quick quote.

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