At Macronimous, we specialize in crafting custom web applications following a meticulous approach:

  1. Business Model Identification – We initiate the process by determining how automation can benefit your business using a web-based software solution. We explore how web applications can facilitate your employees’ access to information, how database-driven websites can enhance customer service, and how we can save you time, effort, and money while boosting your business. Whether you’re a sole proprietor or a Fortune 500 CEO, we collaborate with you to pinpoint business practices that can reap the most rewards from our services.
  2. Initial Study – To gain a comprehensive understanding of your business process/flow, we may conduct an initial study. This aids us in accurately specifying what needs to be delivered to effectively meet your requirements. While this step may not be essential for smaller, well-defined processes, we have found it to be crucial for larger tasks.
  3. Proposal & Review – We will present you with a detailed proposal outlining how we plan to refine your process, including preliminary flows, functions, and a thorough budget and timeline. We may require more than one iteration in this step.
  4. Development – Upon contracting with us, we employ our wide range of skills to accomplish the defined task. Our team is proficient in various computer languages such as .NET, PHP, Angular, React, and more, enabling us to tackle your unique tasks. Our database team is equipped to handle everything from small text files to large enterprise-class SQL systems.
  5. Review and Assessment – As work advances, we will request your review to ensure alignment with your vision. As the application evolves, additional functions and features often emerge to enhance the system. We will work alongside you to identify those elements that can genuinely benefit you and formulate an implementation plan.
  6. Training and Usage – Once the system is established and operational, our staff will train your personnel in its usage and maintenance. After you confirm that your system, personnel, and support processes are in place, we will launch the system to the user community.
  7. Support – At Macronimous, we can assume any level of support role that you prefer. We routinely host, operate, and support our systems and can provide application maintenance services. If desired, we can also serve as a help desk for the application, responding to queries from your staff and making necessary modifications.

We possess the experience and flexibility to undertake unique applications and tasks that don’t fit into the standard business models of most other design companies. If you have specialized hardware needs or a system-related task that’s slightly unusual, inform us. We will collaborate with you to meet your requirements and devise innovative solutions.

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