We develop custom web Applications with standard procedures:

  • Identify the business model to be implemented – What part of the business can benefit from automation? How can a web-based application allow your employees better access to the information? How can a database-driven website give your customers better service? How can we save you time, effort, and money – and improve your business? These are the same questions asked by the sole proprietor and the CEO of a Fortune 500 firm. We will work with you to identify the business practices which would benefit the most from our services.
  • Initial Study – In order for us to understand your process completely, we may need to do an initial study. This will help us to precisely specify what has to be provided to most effectively meet your needs. While for smaller, more well-defined processes this step may not be necessary, we have found that for larger tasks, this is an essential part of the development cycle.
  • Proposal & Review – We will present you with a proposal detailing how we will improve your process. This will include preliminary flows, functions, and a detailed budget and timeline.
  • Development – Once you contract with our firm, we will use our entire collective skill set to fulfill the defined task. We are fluent in the computer languages needed to get your unique tasks done on the Internet (.NET, PHP, Angular.js, and others). We can draw on a variety of disciplines to choose the right tool for the job. Our database team can take on everything from small text files to large enterprise-class SQL systems.
  • Review and Assessment – as the work progresses, we will request you to review the progress and to assure that the work in progress is moving in the same direction as your vision. Often, as the application takes shape, additional functions and features are requested to further enhance the operation of the system. We will work with you to identify those who can truly help you and work on an implementation plan for those as well.
  • Training and Use – Once the system is in place and operational, our staff will work with you to train your personnel in the use and maintenance of the system. Once you have agreed that your system, personnel, and support processes are in place, we will make the system live to the user community.
  • Support – At Macronimous, we can take any level of support role you desire for us. We routinely host, operate, and support our systems, and can do the same for your company. If you prefer, we can serve as a help desk for the application, answering questions from your staff and making modifications as needed. Often, once the business sees the improvements the system makes to its bottom line, additional follow-up work is contracted to enhance other areas of the business.

We have experience in doing one-off types of applications and are flexible enough to take on tasks that do not fit into the business models of most other design companies. If you have unique hardware requirements or a system-related task that is a little out of the ordinary, let us know and we will work with you to satisfy your requirements and develop innovative solutions for you.

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