Catering to a variety of business needs around the world, Macronimous understands your requirements and the basics of Internet marketing, depending on your business and target customers. As part of our SEO campaign, we extend our SEO service to WordPress CMS-enabled websites. It is possible that your WordPress-enabled blog sites have incredible blogs. All of them contain the most effective content and information – but, you still get fewer visitors to your site than you would like. This problem can be effectively overcome by applying SEO to your WordPress website, with the support of our seasoned and experienced professionals.

We have SEO team members who are also experts in WordPress to help you.

A few of the SEO activities that we would perform on your WordPress blog would include:

  • Configuring SEO plug-ins such as All-in-one SEO or Yoast.
  • Keyword Analysis, Content Analysis, Optimization and Search Intent study.
  • Optimizing Page Tags and page navigation.
  • Schema data
  • Optimizing content Post tags and titles.
  • Removing duplicate content and altering the available content to Search engine-friendly content using the appropriate amount of rich keywords.
  • Optimization of Meta tags and Meta descriptions on all pages and posts.
  • Optimization of all the images available on the site, so that they too contribute to the optimization of the site.
  • XML/RSS Site map generation.
  • Detailed blog promotion techniques followed as well.
  • Content Changes and tweaking.
  • Analytics and tracking.
  • SEO plugin migration.
  • Page Speed Optimization.

Few advantages of utilizing our WordPress SEO services include:

  • Careful planning of SEO strategies to optimize your website appropriately.
  • Appropriate usage of keywords in the content of your blog, to further assist in site optimization.
  • Ethical SEO practices followed, which ensure stability and long-term rankings for your website in search engines.
  • Creating a user-friendly as well as SEO-friendly site using WordPress.

WordPress makes SEO management easier. With the CMS-driven META tag management and content management WordPress SEO reduces the challenge of time. SEO for WordPress website means WordPress developers with hands-on SEO experience or SEO professionals with expert SEO knowledge. We have both of them in Macronimous.

So, get found! Let your prospective clients spot your website easily. Contact us today for more information about our SEO services. Also, you can submit the form with details about your requirements, and we would be glad to assist you further.


Competitive Pricing
Competitive Pricing

Our rates are Reasonable and highly competitive. We work with various pricing models and flexible to work within your budget.

Proven Methods
Proven Methods

We use a lightweight Agile Web development process emphasizing Feature Driven Development (FDD) which is flexible enough to meet changes in needs.

Unparallel Quality
Unparallel Quality

We have a separate QA team who works in parallel and independent of the development team with great UI, UX experience, and delivery plans.

Skilled Developers
Skilled Developers

Certified and expert web and Mobile developers who pay attention to details, take deliverables seriously and work with great customer communication are our Strengths.

Post development Support
Post development Support

We provide FREE 30 days to 1 year,  post-development support, and continuous maintenance, upgrades and security updates. We also take maintenance and support for apps developed by other teams.

Scalable Apps
Scalable Apps

Keeping the need for changes in mind, we make the apps highly scalable. By choosing right technology platform, Database, App architecture, Servers we take care of your app always easy to scale up.