Many Profitable Organizations find themselves in a dead end when the cash flow is not managed properly. Our Dashboard for Account Receivables is designed to give a greater visibility to Finance Organization on Key metrics. CFOs can drill down to see whether the collection target is met and which invoice is pending for more days.

Every Open Invoice is categorized as High or Medium or Low risk, based on Customers’ country and Payment History. Country wise pie chart is given as first level data required to begin the analysis. Tool tip will appear when you move the mouse near the pie chart and the Bar Chart. Within tool tip, is shown the risk profiling of the customers in those particular country.

Ageing analysis is done using Bar Chart where the color represents the country. User can click on the country color code and filter other details in the Dashboard. Sales Responsibilities will be shown as tree map since the size of the tree map is calculated by the amount pending (Bigger the size and more the amount to be collected).

Client Tree map at the bottom will help the user to exactly find the cause of the case flow problem. This Actionable dashboard helps CFOs to analyze the organizations health effectively.