What is CGI?

CGI is Common Gateway Interface. It’s used to provide interactivity and turn static web pages into dynamic ones. For example Let’s take a Opinion Poll as an example. Most of them are powered by CGI. They allow your visitors to vote on your site under the topics given by you. There are several CGI’s like a poll that can bring interactivity to your site. Some examples are, a Quiz, Survey, Guest book, Feed back Form, Discussion Forum and many more. Read our Interactivity with CGI tutorial for small Business website for a detailed guide on CGI Installation.

What can we do for you?

We install the CGI script for you in your web server for low cost. We have over 4 years of experience in Installing CGI script. Most of the CGI scripts are free of cost and some costs. There are two ways to find and setup the CGI scripts for you.

1. You tell us your requirements, We will find and install the exact script that can fulfill your needs. You may have to pay if the script is to be bought.
2. You find and give us the script we will setup the script for you.

How do we do?

We can install and configure any Perl/CGI-program from simple e-mail feedback forms to complete eCommerce solutions with all credit card transactions.
In two ways we can work:

i) We can select the Perl/CGI script that can accomplish your needs and install it in your server or you can suggest/send us the script to do the installation. We can take care of the complete installation if you provide us the FTP details.

ii) For security reasons, if you do not want to give us your FTP details, we can prepare a complete installation manual for that particular script which can be followed by any one of your non-technical people and easily installed. The fee is same in both ways.

To setup the CGI script we need FTP access to your CGI-Bin. That is the username and password for your web server. To learn how we do the CGI-Setup please read our article “Interactivity with CGI in your small business website“. Here we teach you to setup a CGI script in step-by-step methods.
Some of the scripts are third party products, therefore prices of the scripts are subject to change. Note that Freeware may no longer be free. Contact us at enquiry@macronimous.com, alternatively, fill up and send this form. Ask for a Quote on the script you wish to install.