Flash enabled sites can have stunning look, but it may not help to achieve the top position in the search engine. Flash movies have their own links and pages, which the search engine spiders are not able to crawl. The spider identifies only a single page that contains the movies and indexes the content of that single page. This reduces the internal link building in the site i.e. the movie being linked to another scene within itself.

Possibilities for Optimizing a Flash site:

  • Ensure the proper optimization of the page that contains the Flash movie.
  • Non flash version of your website can be kept along your Flash version.

Most users maintain a special ‘plug in’ installed to view flash movies. When the flash movies are large, and you do not have a broadband, then the downloading time is really huge. An alternative like the HTML version can be used, which supports search engine optimization and also helps the visitors to have a clear view of your site who have technology limitations. You could overcome these problems in Flash Pages with the help of the some special Search Engine optimization Techniques.

Flash Web Site Vs. HTML Web Site:

A website can have two versions: Flash Version and the Non Flash Version (HTML version). Home page can have the links for these versions and the visitors can select the version of their preference. Make sure that the home page is not a splash page. Endure that your home page has keyword rich content to have it indexed by the search engine. A site map link can also be added in order to help the search engine to crawl through all the pages.

Making use of the web analytics software to keep in track of the visitor preferences, you can decide upon which version to have in your website. But remember to submit only the HTML version to the search engine.

Some Search Engines Index Flash Content:

Flash can be either preferred or rejected. But things have changed now. Flash has gained importance with the help of the latest Macromedia products and the search engine technologies. It is possible to have flash in your website without affecting your search engine promotion.

SDK May Open All Flash To Search Engines:

Macromedia’s Flash Search Engine SDK is a boon for the Flash. Being designed specifically focusing on the search engine application teams; it decompresses the flash files, parse the content and also assists in indexing of these into the search engine database.

The content is treated as a normal HTML content. SDK technology helps in promoting all Flash sites also to the search engines just like you promote the static HTML pages. FAST search engine has already incorporated this SDK technology. Even though all the search engines incorporate this technology, promoting the Flash still becomes a problem as the search engines uses the same algorithm for indexing the HTML version and Flash version. Normally the developers do not expect the flash version to be indexed, so not much care is given in optimizing these flash files for the targeted keywords and other elements.

With the experience of Optimizing HTML versions, it is easy to create flash that has the similar principles. Once this is done, with the help of flash-friendly search engines, Optimizing these flash files becomes an easy task.

Flash Web Sites – Optimize through link building:

For a search engine the flash appears to be as a single page i.e. just the home page. To have the flash in the search engine results, a proper link building strategy can give wonderful results.

Flash Web Site With Multiple Web Pages:

Optimizing a flash site with a few non-competitive keywords seems to be an easy task. But the process gets on very tedious when the flash movie seems to be large.

A flash site may seem to have multiple pages, while they may not. Most of the flash site consists of a single page with a single movie. And many site seem to have a number of entry points, while generally flash site has only one entry point.

Generally used optimization strategies can be used for Optimizing the flash site. Making use of the right content and titles for Optimizing the flash sites can have good results. When you do not have content for your pages, then it is essential to make use of the appropriate Meta tags. If the flash site has a huge set of targeted keywords, splitting it into separate pages would minimize your optimization efforts and is also preferred.

Flash-friendly Search Engines:

Fast Technologies, which powers AllTheWeb and Lycos had a lot of new additions to their search technology in the year 2002. They announced the ability to access the content in the Flash files.

The result, even though not perfect, but has been successful to index a lot of text thus making it searchable. Search engine Power Pack’s submission tool can be used to submit one or more pages to both AllTheWeb and Lycos Search Engines.

As we know that the google’s ranking is based on the site’s link popularity score, page content, and structural elements. Google is able to follow the links within the flash sites. When the flash page leads to another page, the spider would not much of content to be used for indexing. It would infact benefit both the web designers and the searchers if the search engines are able to index the flash page content. It also makes the ranking of the pages easy.

Tips: If you really need Flash in your site make them as Flash movies and intros, not Flash sites. You can make the same strong visual impact with a site built in HTML, with Flash movies placed inside of the HTML documents.