In this fast-moving world, where speed and quality have become the order of the day, outsourcing has become almost mandatory for many giant global organizations. For quite some time, it was believed that only tasks that needed less intellectual skills were outsourced, and the ones of higher and greater importance, stayed back in the parent country. But the scenario is changing now. With countries like India plunging into the field of managing outsourced work, the outsourcing countries are more than willing to outsource their more serious and confidential work. In India, the literacy level is higher, which explains the reason, why this change in the type of work outsourced, has occurred.

There is a popular myth doing the circles that outsourcing one’s work means getting work done in an inexpensive way. But many fail to see the other positive aspects of outsourcing work, which are many, though getting quality work done for less is also a point to be noted. When work is outsourced to a country like India, where a greater percentage of the population is educated and English-conversant, it makes the work much easier and faster.

What are the benefits of outsourcing?

Greater productivity of work done

An increase in productivity with respect to the work done is assured when given to a reliable third-party outsourcing company. It is possible, as this company would take up all the issues faced with getting work done, like working manpower attrition, other technical problems, and so on, thus giving me more time for the parent company to concentrate on their work. Moreover, the company where the work is outsourced is also able to do their work precisely.

Curb the threats from your competitors

Competition is available everywhere. With each and every company aiming at achieving success and having the zeal to top the others, it is essential to keep a tab on what the competitors are doing. This would be facilitated if the company outsources the work to an able third-party company in India so that the parent company can keep a close watch on its competitors, while smooth functioning of works is being ensured in the outsourced country.

Parent company gets more time to focus on achieving more business

Getting business is a very important factor for an organization. There are many marketing personnel and official who work behind getting business for the company. Also once a project is obtained, it is also important to execute it properly, so that clients get confidence in the company and they give more offers and projects to the same company. For this, the back office that takes care of the execution of the project should be in a literate country like India and also should be handled by an experienced and capable third party company like Macronimous, who can ensure that all the back end activities are carried out well. Once this tension is taken away from the parent company, the officials there can focus more on getting more business for the organization, thus promoting the company financially.

Sharing of risks

Also called the portfolio effect, as the name suggests, this literally means sharing risks with respect to investing. It is always best practice to invest in more than one field. If the market is down, then it is for sure that all the businesses are surely going to shoot down. But if only certain fields are going through a bad phase, then since you have invested in other fields and industries as well, you still have a chance to remain at the winning end, because you have also invested in other markets that are not going through a downward phase.

Time zone advantages

Nowadays companies are looking for providing better customer service for their clients. Outsourcing to countries like India, whose time differences with major outsourcing countries like the US, the UK, Australia, etc proves to be beneficial. This time difference makes it easier for the companies in the foreign countries to provide 24x7x365 help desk services to their clients, thus increasing their revenue and business goodwill.

And of course, cost factors

As this point is quite clear, it is clear that outsourcing work would definitely bring down the cost involved in getting work done. When skilled and permanent labor can be employed, with an environment having the latest technologies installed to add to the advantages, and all this at an affordable cost that is definitely not possible to be obtained in the parent country, it is only very obvious as to why companies should outsource their works to countries like India, where the percentage of literate and learned people are also more.

With all these factors and many more, it is quite an apt decision to outsource work to India, to get quality and reliable work done. Also, another important factor to be noted is that the third party company that is chosen should be an experienced and highly capable company like Macronimous, which has expertise in handling outsourced works efficiently.

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