World Tavern Poker is a .NET Application development project handled by our dedicated .NET development team for more than 4 years. We have developed, maintained and continously enhanced in .NET Application development project with a team or developers.

  • Website Overview: A .NET based dynamic web application for poker tournaments conducted in taverns.
  • Details: Features include tavern/player registration, ways to list tournaments, monitor tournaments schedule, points, ranking, winners, blog/forum.etc
  • Impact: A user-friendly, eye-pleasing and fully loaded poker site with even online payment facilities as well. Also, has a forum for the players to discuss various pokers related topics.
About the website

World Tavern Poker (WTP) is one of the leading Bar Poker League information site in America, with nearly 300 taverns across the country. With more than 90,000 registered players, the game is similar to a dart or pool league, wherein users would play in free Texas Hold ’em poker tournaments each week at their local bars. The top players also are invited to play in Tavern, Regional and National Championships, with the points and rankings that they receive, for a chance to win up to 26 seats into the World Series of Poker Events conducted every year.

Business Needs

The management at WTP wanted a Bar Poker website that would have the following functionalities included in it.

  • Two types of users would access the site: Players who play in various taverns and Taverns who are interested in hosting various tournaments in their premises.
  • Players should be able to register online without any approval required and should also be able to modify their profiles.
  • The players, based on availability, should be able to register for the Poker event online.
  • A complete profile of the player, including his ranking and tournament results, should be viewable, along with Player Feedback and friend referral options, and provisions for making changes in personal information as well.
  • A forum and a blog to discuss the various tournaments.
  • Should be able to register online, giving minimal information about them. This registration process would require the site administrator’s approval.
  • Uploading of tournaments that are conducted by the taverns and player scores.
  • Should be able to view a list of player registrations and prepare accordingly for the tournament.
Solution offered

The professionals in Macronimous provided the following solutions to the business requirements that the clients had put forth to us:

Players Website Registration facilities

  • Players are allowed to register online by choosing their username and password along with entering minimal personal details, in order to register.
  • There is no approval required by the administrator to register, so registration is quicker and hassle-free for the registrants.
  • They would be given a separate section called “My Events” section.

Profile Updates

  • Once the players have logged in, they can modify their personal profile and other personal details that they have fed previously.

Registration to events and tournaments

  • Based on the availability, Players can register for tournaments and events.
  • Players can also search for future tournaments that are held by various taverns in their area.
  • Players can register for more than one event, depending on the availability.
  • The “My Events” section would contain details of all the tournaments that the players have registered for.

Other value added functionalities

  • My Rankings
    • This would display the points and ranking obtained by the logged in a player.
  • View Tournament results
    • Players can view the results of the various tournaments that are organized.
    • Players can check if they are qualified to the next level.
  • FeedbackGeneral feedback about the site or any particular tavern can be added here.
  • Referral program Players can recommend and invite others to the site or register for an event.
  • Blog and Forum A forum and a blog area to discuss the tournaments and taverns.

Taverns Website Registration facilities

  • The Taverns can check profiles and the number of players who have registered for the tournaments, in order to make arrangements accordingly.
Static Pages

The following static pages were also added to the website:
Upcoming tournaments

  • Non-members also have a chance to view all the tournaments lined up for a particular season, in their area, under this category.


  • News articles are listed for users to give information about tournaments, the corresponding winners, and the likes.

Photos/Video Galleries

  • Photos and videos of events that are held in various locations, along with the photos of winners are also displayed in the gallery section.


  • Subscriptions to monthly newsletters are also made possible so that registrants are aware of all the updates and events in various taverns.
Admin Panel

The Admin panel has the following controls:
Manage Players and Taverns

  • View various player and Tavern registrations and also have ability to add/ remove/ deactivate players.

View online payments

  • Payment reports of the online payment transactions being performed on the website can be viewed.

Manage News

  • News articles on the site should be maintained by the admin.

Photos/Video Galleries

  • Photos & Videos with description tags can be uploaded.

Manage Newsletters & Newsletter subscriptions

  • Various subscribers can be managed and newsletters can be sent to the mailing list.

A comprehensive poker game website, with taverns and players actively involved in the website activities. The following are few of the many positives that the website has:

  • Separate login provisions for taverns and players.
  • Complete details about tournaments and events in various taverns.
  • Online payment options available for taverns to list tournament details.
  • Blog and forum sections to discuss on various poker related details.
  • Taverns registration needs admin approval, which makes it safe to deal with all taverns.
  • Newsletter subscription options available.
  • Complete control of the website rests with the admin, who can even bar a player or a tavern in case of any misdemeanor.
  • Feedback and referral programs for the players are also made possible.

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