SEO Strategies to Focus on 2014 and beyond (updated)

We expect new things to happen every new year. We also love to retain some of the best things happened to continue from the previous year. SEO isn’t an exception. In the every changing world of SEO, As you think about what your SEO strategies did for sales and transactions that took place on your business’ website, how effective were they in 2013? 

Long tail Hummingbird - Creative Commons Images from PhotoPin

Long tail Hummingbird – Creative Commons License

Long tail Humming Bird 

At the end of every year is the chance to reevaluate the success of your business marketing and readjust for the better, for more results, and for more desired outcomes. The main problem is that it’s not always easy to implement all the necessary SEO techniques at once. You can uncover a wealth of useful, practical news. You would just have to sift past the extra details of the trade news first.

Lately, there are  many innovative and useful changes for internet marketing and search engine optimization, with Google Penguin and Hummingbird topping the list of trending developments in the technology industry. Some of these developments may have seemed like they were going to change the face of SEO permanently. Surely, some strategies may never again be as useful as they once were, but that does not mean they will be left behind for good.

If you want to take the best and leave the rest in your internet marketing for 2014, you will want to pay special attention to these five basic aspects of SEO:

Content is still the key:

This is the red hot universal SEO strategy for 2014. Having great content is the key for long lasting SEO success. Great content will always attract the customers and it will fetch quality backlinks. All the latest algorithm changes done by the search engines such as Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird were based on content and it’s more or less the number one ranking factor in Google. Post-Hummingbird, Google can identify the context of your content and you can rank well for the related searches.

Long Tail Keywords

Think of a long tail keyword as a very specific phrase that people are searching for online. It could look like any one of these:

“Customized low-cost cloud computing solutions”
“Best marketing practices for jewelry designers”
“Lead generating techniques with LinkedIn”

Long tail keywords produce search results that have much less competition. Those results coupled with a lower search volume might not seem like it would produce more conversions and click-through rates(CTRs), but they truly do.

Why is this? The more specific a web page is, the more likely it is that it deliberately answers the question of a potential customer. If you blog about your business’ cloud computing solutions that you know are inexpensive, someone is more likely to click through to your article rather than some other content that is optimized strictly for the “cloud computing” keyword by itself.

Google+ for SEO

We previously talked about Google+ for SEO and how to optimize it. Another good thing about having a Google+ profile or page for business is generating organic link building by means of its integrated +1 feature. Other Google+ users can approve, share and automatically create links to content that is posted to a profile, which resultantly boosts rankings in SERPs. Google+ is hands down one of the best internet marketing allies for creating social proof and for generating SEO naturally. Also, Google + posts are being crawled by Google and it all the more makes the Google + promotion very important.

Bing Webmaster Tools or BWT

This feature of Bing is a far cry from Google’s Webmaster Tools for the fact that it provides more detailed metrics about the sources that are generating traffic to a website. BWT illustrates the bigger picture by factoring in not only search results but also social media sites and sources that contain outbound links to the website too. Using this tool will eliminate the majority of guesswork that goes into improving the health of a website and its effectiveness.

Semantic Markup

SEO is not just limited to what can be created from inlaid keywords or link building. Enter semantic markup language to fill in the blanks. Not only does it fulfill the most important role by improving the bottom line, the markup also improves the user experience by making the web content display in a way that is relevant, and this happens before those users visit the site itself. Using HTML coding in the content of a web page is a necessary supplement to using keywords for that reason.

Link Building

Long gone are the days of tedious and time-consuming link building. One reason link building was at one point the big thing was because of how it simulated digital word of mouth marketing. If a link from website A appeared on website B with a page rank of 4, the more likely it was that Google would up the game for website A if that site had a lower page rank. There is a lot to discuss as it pertains to link building, and although it is almost a lost art, there are a few reasons why it still has pertinence.

For one thing, analyzing outside links that point to a website can be useful for gaining insights into a business’ progress in its industry, or about how it could rework a specific style of product delivery. Those same links can also depict the demographic of target customers by studying the audience of websites that link to that business’ website. In all regards, links are good for collecting data. BWT would make a good resource for these types of analytics additionally.  Relevancy of the links adds more weight and can have a positive impact on your rankings.

Integrating these five SEO strategies will give your business the leading advantage in your industry, granted that you act and start planning well in advance. Are you still struggling to turn more browsers into buyers, though? Our team is here to assist you to implement an SEO campaign with ethical SEO that will help you improve your website’s appearance in the search results with white hat SEO techniques so that you turn the right heads and connect to more paying customers.

Meanwhile, if you have any particular techniques that have helped your website’s SEO, please share them in the comments.



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