Code Editors For Everyday Programmer

Code editors for everyday developers

Are you a full-time developer/programmer? Do you work on an IDE all time? Well, then this guide is for you! Programmers are always in search of powerful code editors and dynamic web development components. These aids make web development projects easier than ever thus unlocking exceptional opportunities for development. Here’s a list of some of the high-performance text and code editors that are bound to make a difference to your project!

  1. WebStorm

Why compromise on a spectacular web development experience when you have WebStorm? This code editor will give you the perfect opportunity to leverage the power. Features like on-the-fly error detection, smart code completion, refactoring for JavaScript, powerful navigation, and TypeScript makes it a complete and comprehensive tool for web development! You can use it for Angular, Vue JS, and React for the web as well as Cordova, React Native, and Ionic for mobiles.

  1. Vim

As a and powerful code editor, VIM can ensure numerous benefits for everyday programmers! With a high-configuration interface, VIM helps you configure and change settings (IDE features, GIT, CLI browser) as per your needs. You can integrate this code editor as ‘Vi’ in your Apple OS along with a highly powerful UNIX system. Some of the features of this code editor include:

  • Persistent editing
  • Extensive plug-in system for enhanced operations
  • Supports numerous programming scripts and file formats
  • Integrates with multiple tools
  • Powerful replace and search options

These features make VIM one of the best choices for code editing and configuration.

  1. TextMate

Leverage Apple’s powerful functionality in the world of text configuration and editing with TextMate. The editor for Mac OS X turns code production into a simpler affair.  Programmers won’t have to face code markup issues as the code editor reduces the hard work and improves productivity. Some of the exceptional benefits of TextMate include:

  • Replace and search operations in web programming
  • Exceptional project management features
  • Minimalistic, clean, and error-free GUI
  1. Notepad++

As a result of strong, efficient, and powerful editing from Scintilla, Notepad++ can ensure smooth functioning, high execution speed, and small program size. You can use this tool for multiple routines, and their user-friendliness won’t get affected in any way. Since it uses low CPU power, the CPU’s functionalities are maximized and reduce carbon footprints.

Programmers can experience better productivity with these text and code editors. Pick your favorite and let us know your thoughts.

[Photo by Ilya Pavlov on Unsplash]

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