Local development environments for web programmers discussed

Setting up a local development environment

The development environment plays a pivotal role in web development projects. Programmers will always look for the best dev environment to optimize productivity and reduce time on routine tasks. With the significant development in technology and the emergence of powerful tools, web programmers have the opportunity to create full-fledged software applications. Get to know a list of local development environments that can be ideal for you:

  1. XAMPP

As one of the most renowned, widely-used, and popular PHP development environments, XAMPP can render useful support in web development projects. I. XAMPP comes with dynamic Apache distribution which contains Perl, PHP, and MariaDB. The open-source package is a great tool and can render the best support across projects. With Windows, OS X, and Linux versions, XAMPP is the first-choice for powerful web development projects.

  1. MAMP

Here’s your chance to do so with MAMP. You can install this free tool within seconds and create a dynamic local environment. Even if you have the existing Apache installations running on your device, MAMP won’t affect its functionalities or reduce the speed. you can easily install and manage Apache, MySQL, and PHP – a feature that proved to be a limitation on native web sharing provided by Mac with separate MySQL installation.

When you are no longer in need of this dev environment, all you need to do is delete the source file. Depending on the needs and importance of a project, you can either use MAMP or MAMP Pro. While the first one sets up personal web servers, the second one configures unlimited web hosts.

  1. WampServer

Leverage the benefits of automatic installations, intuitive functionalities, and dynamic web development offered by WAMPServer. You won’t need to use the settings file and can still tune your server. Build powerful web applications with Windows, MySQL, PHP, and Apache2 database. WAMP Server is the preferred choice of IDE in case you need to develop native web apps

  1. Laragon

Wish to fulfill your need to embrace speed while developing web applications? Here’s an opportunity to do so with Laragon. The uber-fast, highly functional, innovative, and dynamic development environment will translate the entire process into a flexible, smooth, and swift affair. Move your Laragon folders, shift these files to different destinations, and enable cloud integration; all this and much more with Laragon.

Let us know which of these will be your favorite local dev environment.