To Link bait or Not to Link bait

Before starting with the topic let me give you a brief note about link bait and practices so that you would have an idea how it works for you 🙂

Link bait is one of the tasks in link building that takes both quantity and quality in links, relevant and irrelevant to your website through various types of tricks and practices.

The tricks and practices are huge enough and it can’t be covered as a theory since all these tricks would differ from person to person ideas and their needs. Few may try running an SEO competition, quiz or awards that represent their business website or blog and few may try writing negative contents on a branded company or about a high profile person around the web so that many would come forward to have the content link on their website or blog in which they may think such collections that would again get them linked from different website or a blog. This works as a chain.

Now one of the most adopted link bait technique is by providing free tools with a code embedded link back to your site or blog and this has been more successful. In fact, many SEO companies do link baiting as a service in different forms

To link bait or Not to Linkbait?

Many people go with a logic Linkbait by default is something bad, is it so?

Before writing this post I just surfed the web to find what bloggers and industry leaders have experienced about link bait. Few were moderate and few feels it has both bad and good

I would say it is how we use, see and perform to the web. We have a lot of debate on this topic, still, some say it as a spam technique and some say it as a quality information or link distribution. Techniques that are open and user-favorable with a link falls under ethical and they are a good portion of link bait and techniques that are off as said attacking a brand for their website publicity, hidden stuff and spamming through various means falls under unethical that results in bad link bait. As I have already told it is up to us whether link bait is good or bad. Besides I would like to get your opinion about link baiting techniques that you have come across or used 🙂

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