The most popular destination for offshore outsourcing

India is still the most popular outsourcing destination – Studies says.
A telephonic survey was conducted by BDO Seidman LLP says, The most popular destination for offshore outsourcing among U.S. tech firms is India (60%), followed by Southeast Asia (50%); China (46%); Western Europe (21%); and Latin America (19%).
The study adds, 64% of tech companies in Silicon Valley said they source services or production of products outside the U.S. out of which 51% are offshore programming and IT services. Apart from this R&D services, back office jobs are preferably outsourced.
But will this scenario continue? There are few factors which may or may not affect this in the future. Apart from the economic recession, the challenges are the US presidential elections, near-shore outsourcing to Mexico as it is in the same time-zone, intellectual property and privacy laws. But 26% percent of the CFOs said the top worry is the currency – the US exchange rates.
But we can still believe that outsourcing could grow even more, as doing the jobs internally will add issues to the current economic situation.

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