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If you have a website for your business to reach millions of internet users, you should also consider a simplified version of your website for the Mobile phone browsers. Designing a mobile site is not a big deal. If you are not a web designer, You can easily do it with’s Mobile site builder. This will help you to reach millions of GPRS users who search for sites and information across the globe.
If you have knowledge in HTML you a learn XHTML and CSS a bit and build custom mobile sites and check them with testing will help you to make sure that your site will appear fine with all kind of Mobile browsers, well, at least in the recent popular handsets.
If you are a web design company or a designer, You may also want to consider becoming a dotMobi Mobile Web Developer Certification.

You may also want to build your own product catalog or even want to sell your products through a Mobile site. This is absolutely possible with XHTML, CSS and with your favorite programming language (PHP, ASP.Net etc). You need knowledge in XHTML MP (Mobile Profile) is a subset of XHTML, and XHTML is nothing but the stricter version of HTML. You can get the XHTML mobile reference guide here from the Open wave.
The challenge with the Mobile websites is making them ready to fit with the greatest number of mobile browsers and handsets since handset manufacturers are promoting different browsers.
You can also develop a CMS to manage your Mobile website, and the content management admin panel as a web browser-based, But it could also be a mobile browser-based to feed in your content and if you are really want to dry your mobile battery quickly.
If you are a Joomla expert, you may want to learn to how to use Joomla as your Mobile site CMS. Read further at article
We developed our mobile site and launched at which is mobile browser friendly, and also test passed. [Update 2018: In Jan 2015, we moved our site to Responsive Design]

2015 update: Things changed as the world changed, We are in the world of Responsive Web Design, and we at Macronimous completed our RWD before Mobilegiddon. Check our site in your Mobile or Tablet.

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