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One of the key SEO strategies is the use of targeted keywords put in search engine by users. While keywords, at our SEO division, we not only look at keywords meaning to define the search queries combination but also look at it more holistically to include relevant terms to these keywords.

What are the key constituents of search queries?
For SEO purposes, all our keywords cover N number of Search Queries. So we must be very clear in terms of search query ideas. Let’s now segregate them to begin our analysis to find our vital search queries.
Though there are different perspectives to segregate searcher intent via search queries, In general, we can define them on their objective base.

  1. Navigational Search Queries – NSQ
  2. Informational Search Queries – ISQ
  3. Transactional Search Queries – TSQ

Once we decide how the search queries will look like, we  frame appropriate SEO strategies to target each of these types of maximum results and improved site visibility.

1.Navigational Search Queries – NSQ

A navigational search query is entered into the Google with the intent to find a particular website or webpage. For example, the user might enter “YouTube” into a Google search bar to reach the YouTube site rather than typing in the address bar or bookmark from the browser.

How to target with NSQ

It is very simple. The user is looking exactly for you, with the certain words of your domain name or your brand name. So you must own a domain to attain higher ranking for such NSQ customers, (based on current organic practice to rank in Google)

2.  Informational Search Queries – ISQ
An informational search query intent is to look for a piece of information on a particular thing most of the time. But sometimes they may tend to buy as well. For example “what is the pixel of canon eos”.

How to Target with ISQ

  1. Write article  pages and elaborate the details of a product or service with different perspectives to cover all kinds of customers.
  2. Have a FAQ page which is traditional in web also much easier in terms of ranking.

3. Transactional Search Queries – TSQ:

This is the one which all the business men are focusing on getting their business leads online, transaction  search queries are the one with the indent to look  for a product or service online.

For example “buy canon eos” its intent is very clear on “buying” the product.

How to Target with TSQ
This is what all we deal in the entire year with the help of dedicated marketing campaigns in our promotional efforts. We accomplish this with search engine standards, algorithm updates, and competitor bench marking.


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