Know your website enemies!

Do you own a successful internet business? Built a great website and promoting it online? Is website your business gateway? So you value your website very much and  it’s time for knowing the attacks your website – your brain child, may face. There are both  good and bad eyes looking at your website.
Apart from Physical and verbal level attacks websites may also face certain threats in few of the following ways.

1. Distributed denial of service (DDoS)
2. Website Defacement’ attacks
3. Spreading false information
4. Google bombing
5. Pagerank attack
6. Malware-based attacks

These kind of attacks are called reputation attacks, and primarily they aim to collapse your online business reputation. I recommend reading a detailed article at Reputation Attacks: A Little Known Internet Threat, as the article calls, these threats are little known, But  you must know your enemies to do better actions.

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