Is Dmoz dead or editors active?

No more dome

Update (2017): This blog was written in 2009. After 9 years, the life of Dmoz is coming to an end on March 14th, 2017, officially. Dmoz was a challenging Search Directory for SEO professionals of the last millennium. It was powering Google once. It had a powerful search supported by a team of volunteer editors. 

2018 Update: Dmoz is dead. Long live Dmoz.

We all know Dmoz was the largest human-edited directory on the web and the link juice from DMOZ produces good Google ranking. A large group of editors managed Dmoz who was getting your site registered by the Open Directory ( was vitally important as far as search engine positioning is concerned.

In earlier 2005 I used to add sites in Dmoz and it gets listed within few weeks but not from 2006. In mid-2006 their Service was Unavailable, as most of the regular Dmoz submitters should know. It was told that the editor server had a problem and, was recovered only by the end of 2006.

From 2007 there had been huge delays and flaws in approving links. Many tried to have their sites listed following Dmoz guidelines. But they failed. These episodes made many webmasters to research Dmoz performance and many discussions, blog posts and forums have been raised claiming Dmoz dead?

Here are few examine

(1) Most of the links are broken and do editors check old sites included in their categories and they maintain?
(2) Many sites are listed with promotional words and this is against DMOZ guidelines. Any corruption?

Besides I have read a thread that states that few Dmoz editors send mail for paid inclusion and charge $. Check out the mail posted in the thread. Mail content is really funny, may be true or fake 🙂

Suppose if you get any such emails do not hesitate to post your query in Open Directory Public Abuse Report System. Let’s make Dmoz as genuine as it was before and active 🙂

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