4 Search Engine Results Page (SERP) tracker tool

Search Engine Results Page, which is abbreviated as SERP, is a tool in which, once a keyword is typed in, it shows the results of various web pages where those keywords appear. This is taken from the results of various search engines, thus giving an idea of that particular keyword’s position in the web. This may refer to either a collection of all the links, or  a page of links that the search engine offered.

There are many such tools available nowadays and with its demand increasing every day, it only makes it more important to have more SERP trackers. While most of them are free services offered by these sites, few of them are also paid services. Below is a detailed description of top four SERP tracker tools.


This is a simple and easy to use SERP tracker tool. As usual, the keyword and the URL of the site are given, and this tool fetches results from 6 popular search engines! The results obtained are also accurate. One drawback, however, with this tool is that the search results obtained are only from the first 10 pages of each search engine. So only the top positioned rankings would be obtained from this site. But whatever data is obtained is reliable and accurate as well.

Mike’s Marketing Tools

Another cool site with SERP tools! It provides the rankings of various websites obtained from top search engines and web directories as well. Immediate reports of these rankings are provided in an effective manner. As I have mentioned before, this site is a free one and requires no registration as well. The URL of the main site along with a single keyword or collection of keywords is to be given in the slot provided, and Lo! The details of the search run are in front of you!


This site is an exciting and reliable site. It asks for the URL and the keyword to be checked for. Checks are done across 5 popular search engines. What more, this site also has facilities to check local sites of Google like Google.de, Google.ca, Google.gr etc! Once the listings come, they can also be checked in with the help of the links provided. Now isn’t that simply superb?! A simple and reliable site!


This is a cool site and quite a famous one as well. One thing to be noted here is that its user has to register in this site, before using it. This registration is free of cost. Once you have logged in, you can go ahead with using the SERP tool. Good tool to be used.

With the importance of SEO and its related tools increasing to a greater extent each day, it is only important to have such SERP tools that offer trustworthy and accurate results to find the position of various keywords in a particular URL.

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