Why Cubecart?

Many of our customers who look for Ecommerce solutions find Opensource solutions to build cost effective and they like what we recommended, Cubecart!

 There are reasons:

1. Easy to customize (skin based)which in turn keeps the cost low.
2. You can bring a great look and feel with skins, you can make the site look like a complete custom design. No footsteps of Cubecart would be visible.
3. PHP programmers like it. – Clean code structure, easy to manage. Our PHP programmers have a great feel about it.
4. Designers like it. Clean XHTML interface and CSS driven.
5. SEO guys like it. Search Engine Friendly URLs, Custom URLs, Meta Tags, Robots.txt & PHP Session Killer etc
6. Good support from Cubecart team apart from forum support (Like http://www.cubecartforums.org/)
7. Low cost, $180 only.
8. Good number of alternate payment solutions and Shipping modules
9. Web2.0 interface, But we are yet to see any Mashups.
We strongly recommend and teach the importance of SEO for customers who want us to build E-commerce sites, as any online business should consider SEO as their primary marketing channel – Not just newspaper ads, for long term business through online. Cubecart is one good choice to build SEO friendly Ecommerce sites that support online marketing.

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