Web 1.0 Vs. Web 2.0

This post is written based on the requests seen in forums. I still found most of the surfers don’t have clear picture about the “difference between Normal design websites and Web2.0“. So thought of writing a brief note on Web2.0

Hopefully people who try to know Web 2.0 design standards should be knowing about normal design, so not much explaining here to bore 😉

Starting, Web 2.0 websites allow visitors to do more than just retrieve information what we see in normal design. They can build on the interactive facilities, allowing users to run software applications altogether through a browser

Below are the attributes that can be followed for Web2.0

  • Clean & simple style
  • Pastell colors
  • Center aligned with 2 or 3 columns
  • Bigger Logo
  • Bigger Buttons
  • Bigger font size
  • Descriptive HTML (XML style)
  • Bold text introductions
  • Vibrant colors with gradients
  • Visible header
  • Content as Feeds
  • Rich and interactive user interfaces
  • Users active participation
  • Video sharing
  • Social Networking

Get ready to start furnishing a Web2.0 site 🙂

We have developed some Web 2.0 sites, for more clarification you can mail us for website names to get a clear picture

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