iPhone SDK

Apple released the long awaited iPhones Software Development Kit (SDK) and the associated iTunes “App Store” and iPhone Developer Program. If you are a developer you can download it for a price of $99 and start developing applications for iPhones.
Unlike other Phones, Apple was keeping their phone isolated from third party applications, means you cannot develop or buy a third party application developed by programmers like us.
Things changed now – You may expect good, useful, buggy, unusable applications 🙂 for your phone, which you can buy, install, enjoy or crash your phone.
Now developers need to start learning this tool for development, application optimization, porting with memory management etc. Unlike other phone manufacturers, Apple has only one phone, one screen resolution and one style – so at least for now we do not have to worry about the screen sizes and some other constraints in mobile phone development.
Apple wants to compete with rivals like RIM’s BlackBerry and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile on enterprise features, so, we, developers got another environment to develop and market our applications and to make money. 😉

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