Getting started with iPhone application development

There are 1.4 million free and paid applications already existing in the iTunes app store. Though this count is very high, there is still plenty of scope for more applications to be developed, and it will only stop when we humans quench our thirst for creativity.


More than a mobile phone, iPhone is looked upon as a lifestyle accessory, which is fun and exciting to use. The main strength of iPhone would be its retaining capability. Similar to most MAC users who would find it difficult to work on other platforms like Windows, most iPhone users will find it difficult to use other mobile phones. This will make the device and its applications grow for a long time.

iPhone application development is unique in a way that it is not mandatory to have a group of people working under an organization to create iPhone applications. It is also well suited for individuals to unleash their creativity and earn a handful of money and fame too. There are applications like tossing a coin, which has attracted a lot of downloads- Kudos to the thought.

Why not you be a part of this revolution? All you need to do is a MAC machine, an iPod or iPhone preferably, Internet connection and Click here to view our first part of the article – “Getting Started with iPhone Development

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