Our Customer management has
Targeting; Enquiry Management; Welcoming; Getting to know;
Customer development; Managing problems; Winback.
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Relationship Documents
Internal Project Management Documents
We at Macronimous use Undustry accepted Project Managment documents and ensure professional approach to project execution for quality deivery. Some of the documents we use are listed here. Software project and program management experts like Phil Wolff created such standard documents, and we use them extensively.

Project initiation phase
Project Initiation Checklist
Project Starter

Project Execution Phase
Change request Form MSword
Testing and QA phase
Issue Log Template MSword
Quality Review Agenda MSword

Entire Project Managment Guildelines
Project Managment process MSword

Project Life Cycle Framework

What is outsourcing? NEW !
Outsourcing and partnerships NEW !

Your Requirements to Macronimous
To have a better understanding on your requirement to build a website, we request you to fill and send this Data sheet, we can use it as web site planning tool.

Web site planning tool Pdf MSword

Client Login Details
Project and Bug Tracking : Click here
Please contact us for the login details and help to use the tracking system.
Web Project Management
Website development flow Pdf
Web development life cycle
Web application deployment procedures
Know our clients :: Macronimous portfolio
Client requirements questionnaire:: Initial study
How to increase your website ROI?
Website development project Road map
Design-Content separation Pdf

Website Promotion
Risk factors in Search Engine promotion projects ::
The promises and possibilities
How do we do SEO?

How to send RFQ?
FAQ on our pricing policy
What technologies do we use?
Currency converter
Client payment schedule Pdf
Our Email policy
Our work Ethics

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