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Pricing FAQ !
What exactly will I get for my money?
You get every file associated with your project. Our policy is transparent: you paid for it, you own it!

Why do you require a 50% upfront?
Because a customer who has invested some money remains more focused on the project's progress.

Who will update/maintain the site?
Unless you decide to go into a maintenance agreement with us, we will leave the maintenance to you.

Do you charge exclusively by the hour?
We prefer to charge by the hour, but will happily accept a flat fee arrangement.

I got a much lower estimate from another firm. Can you match it?
We can't. Our estimates are as accurate and fair as possible, and when there is a big discrepancy in prices, one of the parties is probably trying to rip you off...!

Are there any hidden charges?
Absolutely nothing. Every detail is discussed in advance; no surprises from us. Since we don't advertise or solicit business, a happy client is our best and only salesperson.

Do you work from templates?
Only if the client insists on it (usually to reduce costs). We, however, discourage the practice.

Will you submit my site to search engines?
No. We prefer not to deal with this aspect of web development, as results can't be guaranteed.

Do we really need to sign a contract?
Yes. It is the only protection either party has.

My question isn't here. What should I do?
Please, feel free to contact us.