Matt Cutts explains Percolator, Dremel and Pregel

This is an unusual question even to Matt Cutts and not much related to SEO. But still interesting to learn what’s happening behind the search giant.

In this Video Matt discusses some (internal) propriety tools that are in Google’s research labs and infrastructure that help to run them. The question is actually not going to impact on your SEO skills, But will give you a vague idea of database  indexing related.


1. Percolator – Incremental indexing tool for quicker and efficient way of fast indexing rather than batch indexing. The publication from Research att Google says that it is “Updating an index of the web as documents are crawled requires continuously transforming a large repository of existing documents as new documents arrive.” If you like to learn more follow:

2. Dremel – This is a Hu(uuuuu)ge Database Handling tool with fast data analysis and extraction. If you love to learn its technical side further Research at Google explains it here with an abstract:

3. Pregal – Tool to handle Graph problems. This tool is used to handle queries on Graphs and break them in into partitions and execute them separately with threads. Matt refers to an old blog Check, But if you like something interesting and easy to learn Check Ricky Ho’s Pragmatic programming Techniques.

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