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  • You’ll be pleased to hear this. I am more than happy to continue using your services in the future.- Andrew Peccina, USA.
  • I've been checking out the CMS over the last few days, and I've got to congratulate you. The system is a lot larger than I initially thought it was, and considering the complexities of managing all that information over different countries/languages I think you've done an excellent job. I've written a couple of simple management systems using PHP, but I've never worked with anything this scale. Well done guys. - Ian Henderson, Australia.
  • I would just like to note that I am very happy now with the relationship that we have. You and your guys are now delivering more or less exactly what we want each time. This is a testament to you and your team. I am lucky that I have helped build teams in India before (from an IT support perspective) and I understand that the cross-cultural barrier takes some time to sort out. You now understand us and vice versa and that is great. Please send my thanks to all the guys in your team who have delivered for us in the last few months. Rob, Ireland.
  • I would like to say that you do excellent work and I would recommend Macronimous to any company interested in creating a professional website for today's very demanding market. It has truly been a pleasure. - William Arsenis, Buyoneers, LLC.
  • I would also like to just say thanks to you and your team and your work so far with us. I’m very happy with the way this is working out, and your team’s responsiveness. Robert Rutherford, UK.
  • Client is thrilled with the website - thanks for your patience and help with it. All signed off now so we can move onto SEO work. Mike, Ireland.
  • Lets go live. I like it a lot. The CMS bit is really easy to use. Nice work. - Angus, UK
    In the last 10 years, I have sold and managed the development of hundreds of websites. In that time, I've had my own in-house staff, outsourced to India, and worked for a domestically based company that owned its own facility in India. At one point, so great was my frustration level with other Indian firms, I was preparing a business plan to secure capital to set up my own offshore facility in China. Then I found Macronimous. The work orders I gave started small but gradually increased in complexity. Macronimous has delivered what it promised, when it promised, without fail. In the world of programming, no higher compliment exists than that. Would I recommend Macronimous? I just did. - Chandler Fozard, TX, USA.
  • Yesterday I got my first order from website. Maybe soon others will find me. It was exciting.. Thanks - Michael Kelly, USA.
  • The client is very pleased (especially with the new header picture that you chose), the site looks great.- Polly, UK. (SEO Client)
  • We launched the latest version of the Customer Service Manager past Friday with team ’s help and support. We are very grateful to the team for working together with us in developing a solution for our client. - John Braggiotti, CA, USA.
  • I was mostly impressed with the responsiveness that the team has shown to my needs throughout the project. They went above and beyond to deliver the project as promised. Even more, they took the initiative to make some really nice design recommendations and implementation in addition to my communicated requirements to improve the consistency of the web site. That was a nice touch that I did not expect and added great value to the final product. - Ruxandra Aldea, Canada.
  • Thank you so much guys for working SO hard on this and getting it finished. The customer is VERY happy and all the artists who are on the site have all said great things already. The customer thinks the admin system is very good and very easy to use. All in all - a huge success. And a milestone for us: Flash front end with eCommerce and content management as well -- its fantastic. Thank you all so much -- if I get buy you a beer I would! - Dave B, UK.
  • Thank you for the incredible job you did designing my customer's web site. You exceeded our expectations and my customer was trilled with the site. I highly recommend your services to others. You met every deadline and it was easy to communicate with you via e-mail in spite of the huge time difference. We look forward to working with you on future projects. Please feel free to have anyone who would like a verbal testimonial, I will be happy to let them know about our positive experience in dealing with your company. Lidia Korinko, Art2ink, USA.
  • You are professional and committed to your clients and you have constant open communication. - Dr.Hana Alharthi, Saudi Arabia.
  • I am very pleased with our relationship and the support that I'm getting from you and your colleagues. I hope to visit you in India some time. Norman Lawrence, IL, USA.
  • I must admit, I have been "Floored". We really do LOVE the site. It is very professional and in line with what I required - Medford Monique, Telecribe International, Barbados.
  • It's all wrong...all wrong. I'm just kidding. It looks great, and yes... we are all done. Vince Humphreys, Tldtree, CA, USA.
  • Its all looking very, very impressive, you guys are skilled and offer by anyone's standards, very high-end services! I am so pleased and so very impressed. Really good job! - Mark Harris, e-Studios, UK.
  • Very professional - Jort, on TLDTree,CA, USA.
  • No doubt - from professional point of view Your company seems very interesting and exciting. - Maris Kalnins, USA.
  • …that was an excellent job with the website...Once again I appreciate your professionalism. - Shaheen Azimi, Adelaide, Australia.
  • I really like the work you and your team have done. I want to say thank you again for all your work and the good service you have provided. - Apurva Mehta, USA.
  • I must commend you and your team on your work. The site looks exceptional and you are doing very good work.- Barrett Niehus, CA , USA.
  • The team has done an awesome job! It looks really good. I have received a lot of positive feedback from friends and associates. They all have said that it looks very professional. GREAT JOB! Thanks to you and your staff. I am also pleased with the user-friendliness of the CMS. It is far superior to the other company that I have used in the past. GREAT JOB! You are the Best! - Andre Pecina, Sanger, CA, USA on Apachetheatre.org.
  • Your service was great. Very prompt and efficient. - Vaughan King, Peterborough, Canada.
  • It Looks great. Our project is looking great with fantastic potential. - Courtney Roddicks, Sydney,Australia.

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