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"I understand that in India, quality web and software applications could be done more economically, and Indian IT firms have the potential to execute my software development services. But I am afraid to outsource to someone that I do not know. "

" We follow offshore outsourcing strategy and make sure that our IT and web development projects are executed using this strategy. We look forward to establishing a long term win-win partnership. "

Offshore Outsourcing has gained popularity in recent times and has been following effective business strategy. " Offshore outsourcing is the practice of contracting with individuals or companies in foreign countries to perform work that might otherwise be conducted domestically. "

Macronimous web solutions provides offshore software development and maintenance services for companies ranging from the small startups to large corporattion we hava proven expertise in technology, and domain expertise. You may be in any one of the following categories:

  • A non-IT person, who does not have any experience in offshore outsourcing, but you want to know the potential by outsourcing your work (web, IT & software) to someone in India. You might not have, as of yet, done work with anyone whom you have never met.
  • You are an IT person, who executes your application development internally, but you want to provide cost effective and quality applications to your clients. You know offshore outsourcing can help you, but you have never tried working with any one who is not from your country.
  • You are looking for potential Offshore IT outsourcing partners who have done several projects and have given high customer satisfaction. You always welcome references from the previous clients who have worked with the skilled offshore partner. You want to maintain your identity and expect your back-end development partner to understand this well.
" According to a report in eCommerce Times, an enterprise typically saves 25 to 40 percent of their labor costs by outsourcing to countries with lower wage rates. Currently, seventy percent of the IT work outsourced offshore from the U.S. is awarded to India, followed by Ireland, China, Germany, the Philippines, and Canada. Proponents of offshore outsourcing maintain that the flexible business model offshore outsourcing offers is good for the U.S. economy and should not be feared. "

If you are looking for an experienced, quality Offshore IT partner, you have landed in the right place. We have over 5 years of offshore outsourcing experience from India with satisfied clients and regular outsourcing partners across the world.

Read further about us and we welcome you to send your questions of any kind. We'd be happy to discuss Offshore outsourcing relationship building , communication strategy , cost saving, delivery, confidentiality, loyalty benefits, resources, added values, domain expertise, etc.

"In a report Gartner says less than 5% of IT jobs in the United States and other developed countries are currently "offshored." By 2015, however, that number will rise to 30%. "It's a tectonic shift," says Gartner analyst Frances Karamouzis, the report's author."


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