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Your web application is huge. Your web presence is substantial. Your brand is comprehensive and so is your website. But is your application built on a strong platform?
How agile is your website? How sustainable is your web application?

Java programming gives you the assurance of a secure, error free web presence or application whose performance is dynamic, robust and protected. Having your application built on a simplified, object-oriented language like Java gives it a much needed feature compatibility. Java built applications work with accuracy on all available operating systems. A unique format in coding named 'byte code' gives the advantage of compatibility. Reason: The Java Virtual Machine, which is a runtime environment, is an inbuilt feature of all operating systems. The built in support system, which is a prime feature of Java, makes it compliant to multiple computer networks. Remote sources can be securely administered and altered using Java.

A custom built offshore Java Application from Macronimous will have the following characteristics as mandatory requirements:

  • Prioritized addressing of real time requirements.
  • Guaranteed platform independence.
  • Compliance with Alternative environments.
  • Accurate MySQL, Oracle integration.
  • Servlet enabled server side updating.
  • Advanced memory management using automatic garbage collection.
  • Enterprise Application Management using EJB.
  • Secure Remote Source Management.
  • Verified Concurrency control.
  • Integrated management Solutions using J2EE.
  • Derby Support.

Custom Java Solutions

The expert Macronimous Java development team makes all your e-business applications and enterprise scale software solutions fast and reliable. Our expertise in J2SE, J2ME and a combination of various platforms gives your specific outsourced requirements the edge it needs.

Macronimous’s offshore experts also develop applications, which work specifically on mobile interfaces aimed at connecting employees on the move with a central source using a mix of technologies that include Java Servlets, JSP and JBOSS.

When outsourced to Macronimous Business-to-Business solutions, we keep in mind that an integral part of today’s market structure is professionally dealt with using platforms that include AJAX, EJB, and JET SPEED. Database management, a vital part of Java powered applications, is concretely secured and maintained by the usage of My SQL and Oracle.

The highly motivated offshore workforce at Macronimous is continuously striving to give you every product with perfection and clarity.

Strengths of our team make your application workable and efficient

  • Integrated knowledge analysis of the client’s requirements.
  • Radical, logic based custom solutions.
  • Client-specific research and analysis in technology and platforms.
  • Step-by-step security stringent programming.
  • Comprehensive approach to non-typical solutions.
  • Experience and expertise in various platforms.
  • Continuous testing at every stage of development.

Give your application the security and agility it needs. Give your clients the freedom and simplicity they need. Get in touch with Macronimous for comprehensive and affordable custom built Java applications.


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